"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Saturday, June 29, 2013

May 13,2013
My companion is Elder Lourenco I don't know If I told you, but he is really cool he's from Rhode Island,    I

My companion is Elder Lourenco I don't know If I told you,
 but he is really cool he's from Rhode Island,      

 So the MTC is really intense in fact I dislike it immensly, I want to get out but I know I need the training, I have never been more tired, this P-day was welll needed. 
 I seriously love singing now, one of my favorita cosas ( I'm going to start writing  mucho in espanol better learn :) ) but one of my favorite things like I was saying was singing in spanish, like it's one of the funnest, coolest feelings ever.

 ,    I do miss sleeping all day everyday, but It's time to grow up I guess, also is it too much to ask for a care package? I need some candy for me and my room mates haha my room mates are both going to the same mission as me, and my companero is going to chile, our district is either misionaries going to peru/chile/ or Argentina! Unfortunately Peru and Argentina are super intense about visas, so I am 95% confident after seeing what's been happening to some of the other Argentina missionaries, I will be a visa waiter, so that will be fun I will have two misisons :)

I've been doing tons of push ups and pull ups so I come home looking huge! So be ready for that, but it hit me the other day that I was in it for two years. I almost cried... almost.  Also tell every person you meet to write me. No one understands how it feels to be trapped and not have any communication to the outside world, this is like the best thing for missionaries. MAIL AND EMAILS!!!! spread the word, preferably to women! haha I don't know what else to say, other than the language is killing me and I miss movies and being able to talk to women without shaking hands, I love hugs.   
I love you so much! (le amo mucho)
 Did I mention how much I miss technology I want to watch movies soooo bad! UGH

"para siempre dios este con voz" I think that means God be with you till we meet again haha I don't know!

-Elder Mitch Woods

It's Official!

    As of 1:45 pm on May 8, 2013 Mitch officially entered the MTC ( Missionary Training Center)  and became a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! They have what they call curbside drop offs. I call it a Drive-By Drop off. You pull up to the curb where a bazillion missionaries are waiting for the new missionaries.
 You throw your missionary and his bags out and drive away.
(OK we did get to hug him a little and say goodbye)
     The missionary waiting grabbed one bag, Mitch took the other and they were off!  
In his 1st letter Mitch says:
I don't know where to start! This is only my second day and it could possibly been the longest day of
 mi vida. I will start with yesterday. After you left me it never stopped! It was fast pace the whole time, I like wanted to cry. Lots of meetings and listening and meeting the Hermanas and Elders.! My companero is Elder Lourenco. He's pretty cool! It is only the second day though so we will see. I really have no time and it makes me feel straight crazy. I also heard some stuff about Argentina and its visas that make me assume I will definetly be a visa waiter. Pray for that and we will see how it works itself out!

I won't lie the MTC is not enjoyable (so far) I don't like rules and I don't like sitting on hard chairs all day.
I really do see things happening though.! I have language study/class everyday.
Today we had it for more than 6 hours no joke. Each class is 3 hours sitting... no me gusta.
I can reallt testify to the gift of tongues. It is one of the most challenging/frustrating things I've encountered but I have learned SO much in only two days. It is weird but awesome!

I haven't cried myself to sleep yet haha so I guess that's good. Although it might be tonight these beds are not all that amazing. Plus these blankets are not up to par with my handcrafted love coverings...I don't have alot of time or much to talk about. Say hello to everyone! 

 Love, Elder Woods