"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 6, 2015

     Sooo this week was awesome, we had investigators listening to prophets. I could understand English and Spanish, and well now I have some more answers to my questions in life.... As for my favorite talks... all of them were soooo good. There's one that talks to return missionaries and how to stay a full active in the life after the mission... ¨read the scriptures, every day, every day, every day¨ and well I loved the talk by Elder Holland and Elder Uchdorf...

BUT I loved one by the Elder Nelson... It talked about the Sabbath day...
     Now I want to talk about the difference between magic and Celestial Priesthood Power. Magic are things that entertain us for short periods of time and that are tricks and illusions. Priesthood power is the power of God given to man to provide marvelous changes in the human heart and life. The power given from God has no equal and may not be replaced by short tricks or illusions. Now I make the question... with which of the two would you like to fill your life with... and when? 
Would it make sense to put off the Lords divine influence for quick tricks and worldly entertainment... 

    I know that I have been in the mission for a long time, but I promise you that when I get home I will make it my first priority to watch those and listen to those who can provide me with  knowledge, reminding me of my true purpose and joy in this life. 

    I had a great Easter and we did nothing other then watch Conference and do all we could to bring others. I remembered that it is through Christ alone that death was conquered from the fall of Adam and Eve, and that through His suffering sacrifice of His life we may have life... But are we willing to make those sacrifices? Are we willing to give our time, for our heavenly father? 
My testimony has been strengthened and Now I will strive to grow my treasure in heaven before that of this world. 

I'm excited to see you all. This month we should have a few women make the choice of Baptism. 

The Church is True... don´t put it off for other things. Live obedient, keep the sabbath holy, and be true to the church of Jesus Christ. 

I have seen miracles, and know that Jesus Lives. I love you all and pray always that you may make the decisions that will bring true happiness! 

Love, Mitch... Elder Woods

March 30, 2015

Hey family,
     Sooo to keep myself the least homesick, I'm going to be making these short, hahah We will talk sooon enough.. Weird. 
     As for the week we had a great baptism. It was filled with tears and happiness and everything else you can imagine... I got attacked by a wild cat living in the church... also a less active we found is now active and we got her and her boyfriend to get married, it was beautiful... but they partied the whole Friday night before and left the church destroyed.. it was like murphy's law... everything that could have happened happened that day.... but it all worked out! :) 
     This week we also had a woman we have been teaching go to the church and she loved it... she's now going to get baptized this month of April. We had a woman just walk into the church and tell us she was looking for the truth... and well yeah.. miracle. Then we found a family and taught them the restoration and the mom gave a prayer asking if this was something true, and just started to bawl. Just crying and was like Lord I don't know what's happening or why I'm so emotional but I feel that this is the truth! and then prayed that we keep coming so that she can follow it. Also her family told us that they never let ANYONE enter their house but that they just felt something and like... ANOTHERRR MIRACLE!!!! also our recent converts are just doing great and well... I don't know how I entered into an area that had very little and was supposed to be hard... and now we are just being sooo blessed. I don't know why. But I am very happy. 
     The baby pictures are really great. I cant wait to meet her, and as for movies... I'm excited also, but more for just having good family time. That will be nice! 
    Work hard! Have faith in Christ, and !BE OBEDIENT! 

I love you all, Elder Woods.
PS, mom your not boring, positive thinking, you are the best mom ever. :)

UN ABRAZO FUERTE!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡

March 23, 2015

    Hey family we are good, we are doing good things. We have helped families return from less activeness and our converts are great. They are growing, and wow the changes are incredible!!!! We have some people whom with we are working. One man who is a police officer is going to get baptised this saturday... we are seeing miracles.
     We are hitting a patch of tiredness and we are slowing down a bit. We have to just remember why we came and finish strong. I am sprinting to the finish. Thanks for doing all that stuff for school, thanks for doing that really! Love you all. Sorry we never have time. I'm good. I lack nothing and the mission is miracle filled.
I CANT WAIT FOR CONFERENCE!!!! That will be incredible. Make sure you are preparing to receive the counsel that the Lord will pour out upon you! Receive it humbly and with intentions to put it to work!

LOVE YOU all! You're all the best!
Elder Woods

March 16, 2015

     We contact 100s of people. I personally am well known for talking with everyone, because I see it as a soul passing by, and you never know. We invite and others can accept it or not. But if there is no invitation there can be no response, there can be no action of repentance, and thus without the loving invitation there can be no salvation. Talk with everyone. That's all the Lord requires. We are rejected... maybe 90 to 95% of the time, but the 5% of golden families and people there are, are mucho más valuable and worth the work. Christ invited the world... and how many are truly following Him... without His invitation to follow Him and change, we could not be saved, nor achieve perfection.
     This week has been great. We are working with a family who's children are now listening to us. They aren't even members but they started to share with their friends and we are going to teach all of them... its stemming out fast and we are seeing miracles! Also we have a family that we found, that the husband is less active of 9 years and his family are not members. They are all going to church and want to all be baptized. They need to get married no más, and then they will be ready. We have a family home evening with them and its going to be incredible! I'm sooo thankful for the chance to be here and help and be helped by these people. They teach me so much through their faith and sacrifices!
    The Lords teachings are truly instruccions to live happy. We just have to take the time to put it together and not skip steps. I love you all and thank you for all you do for me. Thanks Dad for looking into the school! 
I hope everyone is good! and that you always remember the real purpose for living here in this earth!

Les amo!
Elder Woods

March 9, 2015

Soooo, this week was great.
     We are having transfers this week, my comp and I are staying together :) 
We are the only ones, the rest of the zone all have changes, its going to be crazy! The area is doing good, and I know we are going to see miracles!
     I hope marah is happy and that I'm proud of her non partying ways. I've learned that being the ¨fun guy¨isnt always the right choice! Just know I'm thinking about you all! The mission is good, I love it sooo much! Its helped me see my weaknesses and start the changing process. Its helped give me a vision for what I want in my life! Which is simple: be a good husband, father, and just follow the steps of Christ. I want to be a hard worker, and I want to always give of myself. 
     This church is true, there are many churches with truths, but only one will allow someone to follow Christ and his pure doctrines. I'm thankful for this chance to be here and have my eyes opened to the world. 
     This week I invite you guys to look for opportunities to do something for someone else, which is maybe something even that you don't want to do at all. Gain the attributes that our savior has. 

LOVE YOU ALL,    Elder Woods
sorry this is short :/

March 2, 2015

     Well, I have a few things of business, the debit card still works, and the BAPTISM WENT GREAT!!!!  We are going to see if we can get another for this month!! I dont know how the Lord is blessing this area a ton, it is a hard area but like... lately we are seeing miracles!!! The family that got baptised last week, we had a lesson and they invited there family/daughters who have like 30 years o más and wow It was great I feel like they are going to get baptised also... MIRACLES. we will see though. Also for Marah 
Sooo yeah, Im exausted we are coming up to the next transfer in a week, and then it will just be two transfers mas... but my body knows that It should be ending in this next transfer.... ITs going to be a mental battle.. I feel like if I can endure to the end here.. then I can do it in the life hereafter. As for getting a call to BULGARIA,,, voy a orar por él that language... will be like locura, but thats were the Lord will use him to plant seeds and harvest the work! Im excited to see more miracles!
 The life is like a race... 1 Corintios 9:24    We will obtain the prize!!! 

I love you all, espero que estén cuidado y feliz. 
Un abrazo fuerte! 
Elder Woods
HEYYYY MADRE!!!! COMO ESTÁSSSS!!!!!!!!!!   Hey how is life? going ... up there :) do you miss me yet? I'm wanting to hit the ground running with work so with dad I need you guys to be looking for some good working oppurtunitis... :) sorry I'm putting you to work, but it would really help me out! and yeah... how is the home and Farmington? Someone looked my house up on google earth... and told me that it is like a house... and dirt... I saw the picture and wow... Nuevo Mexico, isss.. brown. like.... its just brown. haha 
Love you mom.
Thanks for all that you do mom, sos la mejor (your the best) :)
Give marah a good handshake from me for her birthday! 

February 23, 2015

    That family is awesome! They brought alot of family members, and they said they loved the church, and now we are going to try and teach them. Also we had some investigators go and see it and everyone left happy. It took the man David, who is 70, three times until he went completely under... he left laughing. Then when the member we had baptize him, was leaving, he hugged him and was like hey thanks for trying to drown me.. hes funny.
     But it was amazing, and now this weekend we are going to have another baptism of a young girl of 17 years, who told us she wants to prepare for the mission,,, she is already doing her personal progress!! She's awsome, and then we have some other great guys we are working with for the middle of march.... like we have been seeing some miracles lately..
     I'm good... just kind of skinny and tired, but I gotta sprint to the finish!!! I have been really thinking to much in the future, ITs weird, coming to the end. Sometimes, its like before the mission, the anticipation, and the fear, and its just getting closer each day... the time is flying by... and its just weird.
     We have some noche de hogares planned also for tonight, and they always help the family, soo good job for doing the Family home evenings. I bet you see some differences and the little blessings that doing the littlest things of obedience brings... Dont let the struggles get you down ever... just always remember that if we are obedient the rest is undoubtedly the Lords will. We just need to accept that will while doing all He asks... I love the scripture 1 Nephi 3:6
Everyone knows the verse 7... but the verse 6 I feel is just as important... read it and wonder how can we be highly favored by the Lord?... its corto pero dulce
I love you all and know that all will work out and I know if we are accepting his will we are happy and thankfull in every circumstance. 
                                                      :) Un abrazo fuerte      Elder Woods