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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Pre-Mission Mission.

So as all of you know, I have been sitting and waiting to leave, today has been pretty great! I finally submitted my Visa, which means I might not have to wait to live in Argentina as long as I thought.

I know my mom was way nervous and stressed on getting the Visa application in, usually what happens with missionaries is that their Visas take longer then expect to be authorized (which will probably happen in my case) and those missionaries, called Visa waiters, get sent to somewhere in their home country to serve until it's authorized. Me personally I hope that if it does happen I will get sent to Compton, CA. Somewhere super ghetto where I can convert hardened thugs haha such as myself!

The purpose of this post though isn't about the Visa, It's about my time in Farmington.

I had been praying for a long time for God to reveal to me why my mission paperwork and the mission it'self was taking so long. I finally got my answer further down the road. I met my wards missionaries...

I straight love these guys. 

The first time we met I tried to convince them to let me come out, and call it forgetting or whatever, they ignored me. So the next week I was like "look" what does it take to come out with you guys?

I wasn't trying to be weird but, I really wanted to prepare before my mission. We went out the first time and It was so awesome. I asked if I could do it again and they said sure, somewhere a long the lines we actually became like best friends, it was like being back at college except with really spiritual guys haha.

They talked to their president and asked if I could stay the night with them and then just go out a full day. The president said it would be fine and......... I think I have stayed at there house a million times! :)

I love doing it, serving others is a huge blessing no doubt, and it is something I have found I really enjoy!

The sad thing is Elder Moser, had to leave due to being transferred, I will definitely miss the guy that taught me a ton. Not to mention the dude got me an actual Missionary tag (It will be the only one I ever have in English) The dude is a stud and I will miss him a ton, but that's life and for some reason I have this feeling we will see each other down the line :)

and here is the Farmington/Moser Tag haha

I will always be thankful for my prayers being answered and these homies that have taught me and helped me become better! I LOVE THEM BOTH

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