"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 11, 2013

We are actually 4 hours ahead with daylight saving and I check my mail at about 10:30
But yeah! I have never been more depressed in my life, My birthday was good I guess. It didn´t feel to much like a birthday and since Im new here no one in the ward really cared haha, so me and my comp elder Cranney from Utah went to a little mall were they had a subway, it was super awesome. But yeah other then that just work, my 6 month mark was the 8th and I just realized there is still a year and a half... Its feeling a little like I´m hitting a wall. But just keep pushing I guess. It has rained here soooooo much. Like I am going to take some pictures in our area we cover like Jungle, and Pure third world poverty. Argentina is not a bad country but most the poverty is in Buenos Aires and Our mission covers like THE POVERTY. So I am not really getting a feel for what all of Argentina is like since I feel like I entered a help the children in africa comercial.
I dont want to freak you out, I am pretty safe here, but these people are a cold people. Its a little insane to me. We had one less active woman who we tried to bring to church but she couldnt go because her son got shot the night before because people were breaking in to their yard. This may sound crazy, but it is so normal here that it is just life. My companion has seen people get shot here. I´m just feeling a little homesick I guess haha, but hey, how great would a bullet wound be for a story... just kidding.
Also I am already dissensitized to women, there is so much nudity in this place its like normal now, women feed there babies in front of us and girls wear nothing here, since its like a million degress outside. Its worse and just going to get worse. The dogs here... well I am going to come back and kill them all. They are like diseased and crazy, we saw one eating another and they fight in the streets haha it is INSANE!
 As for being 20, I don´t feel anything. I am just wondering how I am going to make it through this mission. I am going to party and celebrate my two birthdays when I get back haha
I miss you guys more then I have ever missed anyone. I think Im in a culture shock and a mission shock! That is super cool for Hailey and Blake they are getting to be so established in the world! haha it´s weird seeing things change!
I have been kind of sick for awhile with my stomache but let me tell you something, Bidets (I don´t know how to spell it) they are magical and Maybe the only thing I think Argentina does better. Our pench(house) has one and well... I have never been happier. If you build a new house I expect to see a bidet!!! haha
As for animals here, it is kind of tropical and there are parrots and frogs the size of my face. and did I mention dogs! haha I´m going to try and sneak some pictures this week. But I hope everything is good with you guys! I love you a ton!!!

Elder Woods.


November 4, 2013

Birthdays in the mission kind of stink a lot, but I got it on a p-day so I guess I lucked out :)
My area is pretty cool, I think a little less poor then the one I started in, but still people live in like concrete huts with tin roofs and no windows, water.. or toilets. Pretty much nothing. The missionary pensions are usually not huts... but they are pretty ghetto. I was thinking the other day walking through the streets with a billion diseased dogs and dirt and mud.. (it rained like I have never seen the other day) I thought wow dad would literally die here. Suprisingly I am already used to the conditions here, I dont remember the US much. How weird is that? Its only been a week. But yeah, things here are super sketchy. I have fought dogs and Im pretty sure the things I return with will all be different from what I came in with. Being robbed happens a lot here. We heard that the buenos aires missions are some of the most dangerous for missionaries.. which I can believe. We have a block that got circled in our area with red. I later found out a missionary got his throat cut like a year ago there. Its all good though, he lived. But things here are a little more intense! haha I have to be on my A game all the time. Also they were not kidding about the blonde hair, blue eye argentine love. I have some full grown women flirting with me. I am not too attracted to the women here. I pretty positive my future wife will be in AMERICA!!! haha but yeah, I stand out reallly hard here. Not alot has happened here though. A lot of working with the few members we have and well yeah. My companion has been here in this area for  8 months so he is kind of burnt out because he has clapped all the houses. Work here is tough, there will be a lot of service because these houses are like all hand made and falling apart. So yeah. that and just trying to help in all the ways I can, all I can say is these people are a little different then what I am use to. but still good.

Also I have made a christmas list for you.you can choose if you want to give me anything but nonetheless it has been made haha
1. Electric shaver, not one with the three spinners but like bars.. if that makes sense.
2. cologne. (I stink all the time) that would be luxury :)
3. there is a water filter from cabellas that is like a black pump.
4.Just money in the card to buy souvenirs here
5. the USA world cup jersey, its red and white stripes.. for when the world cup comes!!! :)
6. Hard drives and sim cards for the camera!!!

This is all, its relatively small. But you dont have to do anything if you dont want. These were things I just thought would be nice! but yeah! Argentina would be nice if I could party here.. but just work, maybe I can play soccer here though. Thats fun. but yeah, we are going to splurge and either get subway or mcdonalds :D these are like fancy restaurants here haha how funny!

well! Les amo

be carfull and know I love you!!! Chau


October 29, 2013

 Oh boy I have some stories for you guys!!!

First off, this place is crazy!! I am not in Utah anymore jaja
The flight was good but verrry long, I got only 40 minutes of sleep and then it was off to work. The airports were crazy and we are three hours ahead here so I like went into the future.. weird. But yeah we spent the whole night with the mission president and then slept in this giant pension or house and it was looking over the city! The city is insane it is super ghetto! Like the poverty here was the first culture shock! and well the atmosphere is a lot different. Laws dont really exist here, people kind of do what they want! There are billboards of pornagraphic things on the highway and marijuana is legal so I smelt that everywhere we went.. after the first day with the president we had a quick meeting about some things and then we got a temporary assignment with a missionary and I went with an elder named Walker we were in Gran Catan.. look it up, I wish I could take pictures buuut if we are seen with  anything like a camera.. instantly robbed. It is crazy here sooo many dogs. I was attacked by a dog the first day and I kicked it as hard as I could in the face.. straight destroyed it and no one cared because that is normal here. Also there is sewage all over the side of the roads and trash like no one would believe. I am having major culture shock jaja My spanish is good, I feel confident talking and everything seems to be working out.
Just living in the straight GHETTO haha

also cars here are crazy too, I almost got hit like 3 times and there really is not limits or anything... you drive how you want here. The mission here is a lot more strict and obedient, hopefully I dont get sent home early I am afraid I am not obedient enough. Also have I told you how much walking we do... On sunday we walked over 20 something miles, soo much. My legs are going to be rocks!!! haha

So if I live through this, I will be a much more manly personI know it!!!
We had one lesson (our first lesson) and the girl looked at me and was like tiene una naranja I was like hmm what is naranja and then I remembered it means spider.. i had a huge spider on my tie because this house was so poor they had spiders the size of a golf ball.. I didnt scream but I punched it off hard. Then later when we where talking she screamed otra vez naranja and again A GIANT spider was in the same spot, I punched it and got it off.
But wow, this place is freaky a little bit.

Transfers where today and now I have a new comp, he seems really cool. We live in the middle of the city but our area is like gran catan and super ghetto (we live outside of our area) villegas  I cant remember our zone name though.
We have the temple in the mission.Its by the airport and this zone that I am in is like 15 minutes from the temple!!! Tengo SUERTE :D

I am so excited! I love it here... and kind of hate it. I see now HOW INCREDIBLE lucky we are to live in the USA holy cow! They told me that buenos aires is the nicest city in sudamerica but wow thats all I can say. if this is the best then.. wow.

I love you guys be safe and take care! i will try to survive here!

CON AMOR, mitch!

Thanks to you guys for all that you do!
I think it will be hard to send pictures here in argentina. there is not a lot of really nice computers to hook up to, Im in a cyber cafe thing and well.. its really sketchy and ghetto. but I am trying to take pictures when i have the chance..




Dear Sister Woods,

 We enjoyed our day with Elder Woods. He was super tired, but in spite of it all he pushed through it. We look forward to working with him. We are super happy he is finally here!

Hermana Carter