"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 5, 2015

    This is the home strip (stretch ?), I'm super excited to work hard, I'M EXHAUSTED! I cant explain how much of not a leader I am. The new calling is unreal, we never have time for anything, like taking it slow cant happen if we want to achieve all of our goals... sooo wow. The area is a tough area but if an area baptizes or has success I believe depends a lot on the missionary... so we are going to harvest the success the Lord has planned for us. We have done a billion divisions with other Elders and wow its like I'm a traveling elder, This zone is real city, like Buenos Aires is huge and I've gotten to know a little but not all... its impossible... and for all my mission I have been like outside of it or in like the outskirt ghetto... and now I am like a kid with no clue how to work...its a whole lot different here. I assume I will finish my mission here and I want to leave the area better than how I have found it. That is my goal. We are teaching a few families. One is an older woman who wants to get baptized and is on date for the 24th but she needs to stop smoking! She's going to do it, then we have a little kid who loves the church and goes with his grandparents, he wants to be baptized the 17th and then we have one young woman, who also is praying and reading and going to church with the goal for the 17th.... sooo We have good plans for this month! I'm glad you guys passed the new year happy and tranquil
      Funny story we spent new years with a group of elders on a high-rise building and watched fireworks.... I have a good video... but then when we came back the next day there was a guy, I think we has drunk... but completely naked... like 75 years old... in front of our house... I was like what... is... this... turns out he was sick, because when we got closer we realized he was using the bathroom... haha right on our porch.... Argentines really know how to start the new year right! haha Also we played soccer against the elders of the Mission office, like the assistants and secretaries.... and we beat them.. so also I'm batting 1000 with my soccer winning haha :) 
     Basically things are good. I have never ever thought I would die from exhaustion like I do now... but I feel like I'm close to seeing a miracle, so we will keep pushing :)
                                                 I love you all!!!  Elder Mitch Woods

Life is a game we start on earth....
and end in heaven... just keep hopping

December 29, 2014


Well this week has been a good week. We worked hard and had a few people in church. One woman we have now has a baptismal date, and this next month we will have some people to baptize and keep active and grow in the church until the celestial kingdom... :) But we are working a ton to fix the zone because I got here and they have baptized 1 person out of like 30 missionaries.... that's like super bad... the worst I have ever seen. I have little time here but we didn't baptize anyone this month... This isn't a problem, I think we can just improve on our obedience to the Lord, work to have the Spirit, and give everything to find the chosen people. This area is reminding me a lot of Utah. Like the ghetto areas, it was like a whole different thing, I could find people in different ways. But here we are going to work more with members and maybe this is why I was sent to Utah, to learn how to help this area here :) I'm excited my comp is a stud, this week was his birthday also, he now has 20 years, and well, We are pumped to see the miracles that the Lord will give us. Ill try and send some pictures and let ya see, Its a goal to get better with the pictures and what not, I love you all, it was awesome hearing you!!!!
                                                                         Elder Woods


December 22, 2014

     Bueno I have no time at all... but just so you know I hope your being safe... be smart and don't push it too much. I'm going to call Thursday at 5... I don't know when that will be for you all.... maybe like 1 its the only time I can... soooo I hope it works.
     As for transfers, I got changed out of my area and now I'm with an Elder Named Elder Dahl from Texas. We are in an area called Villa Tesei en the Zone Caseros, and its fun but its exhausting. This Elder Is a super hard worker and we are working a ton. We are the zone leaders here and the area is pretty big, so we are traveling all the time, but its fun and tiring at the same time. Also this area is super wealthy, like I have never seen anything like it before. So pray for us that we can put the camel through the eye of the needle jaja Rich people are difficult but we are have miracles and loving it. I do miss my son and my last area though, I wanted to spend Christmas there. No one here knows me and well... its going to be a boring Christmas it looks like. Pero, not my will but His will be done. I love you all and Ill talk to you soooon
                                                                   Love you Elder Woods
                          Why fotos sometimes don't get sent... and why really... well nothing gets sent.

Monday, January 12, 2015

December 15, 2014

FUAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW The bebe ya viene, no lo puedo creer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECTACULAR!!!!!!!! :))))
     What a great Christmas gift, now for every time that she thinks of her birth she can think of also the birth of the Lord. With all that's been happening I have actually really thought about how important life is to the Lord, that to Him having a family that loves us and a place to grow is number one! Its said that the two sins unforgivable are that of murdering and that of fornication. and bueno denying the holy ghost. But Just like we should never kill someone and take their life, to God it is of equal importance in how we treat the bringing of life to this world. That the greatest gift that God could give us was the Life of one of his sons... Juan 3:16 That god so loved the world he sent his only begotten son... Like wow. Life is a special thing. 
     I will forget  myself and go to work haha as for my son, yeah I have been training for this transfer, and the transfer ends on Wednesday, so I assume I will be with him another transfer. But after being with my last two comps and now everything I'm exhausted, This week especially, I had such an intense week. Last Saturday I ate some sausages... not fully cooked... like 3 giant raw sausages... and well I'm lucky to be alive. I have been dying ALL WEEK and I had to do two divisions, one with an elder who was being super disobedient and then with my zone leader. On top of that we had to go do paper work for Elder Rawlins so he is legal here in Argentina, and well the whole time on a toilet or throwing up, and sometimes I got the double headed dragon and was blessed with both at the same time... if you think it sounds gross... you. have. no. idea.
     Our super ghetto toilet got clogged and I was like Stavi from The Ringer, just throwing my hand down the mouth of the toilet using hand rigged snakes from hangers we had and then throwing buckets of hot water and bleach from super high.... IT was a day I will never forget. I've lost like 10 pounds again... the weight here is always changing... BUT IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING this week we found 17 new investigators and taught like 20 something lessons... so The area was still blessed. 
     Also our mission is going to get split in the future and the president called me and we talked because my area is in the part of what will be the new mission... and we don't know when the changes will be, I think further in the year. And well I don't thing it affects me, but he wants us to really take care of it and prepare it.. so that's what we will do.
     I hope you guys are good enjoying all the wonderful blessings of this season and that Hailey is safe. If anything changes here... I'll let you guys know but as for now... Ill be talking with you guys sooooonnn :)
Les amo mucho
Elder Woods
Some other comps... my old comp elder Escobar is in my district again.. haha 
This is me lifting some funky hand made weights... of concrete... getting huge!

December 8, 2014

      This week was a RAINY week, and it was a good one, I had to travel a little to visit some other missionaries because their area was a little.... in need of some things. But it was awesome the Lord blessed us a ton, I was with one Elder from Texas... super strange but awesome elder, and then the only Elder in our mission from Ecuador, he was really funny and we found a bunch of people that went to church despite the huge rain storm on Sunday, Then I got back and me and my son we were super happy to be reunited haha He was taking care of our area with an Elder from Mexico... It drained him a little especially for being new, but he's a champion so it worked out well...
     As for advent... We haven't had like any time but we read a little and It was fun. The families like  it alot, but translating stories is turning out to be a little more challenging then expected....
     We found some funny new people to teach. One guy who is like super thug and is like 24 years. His name is Rodrigo. He's gone with us to church two weeks now. One day we passed and he had this huge black eye, I was like did you get in a fight and he's like nooo noooo woods, I'm not a fighter.. I asked what happened and he told me, bueno this guy came and got my pants dirty, so I just returned him the dirt to his pants... he has a ways to go but he's funny and really a good kid. We also taught like a family of 15 the other day... we clapped a house got in... and BOOM just so many people... but like grown they all had like 20 or more years... that was super awesome teaching everyone, we are going to pass by and see what they think about the book we left them haha.
     Then this Friday, this family gave us this things called Chorizo... which is just Sausage... but giant these things, I'm telling you... we didn't know how to cook them, and our oven doesn't work... so we were like we will cook it with oil and a pan... and well I haven't really learned how to cook just yet... long story short we ate these giant bloody sausages with a ton of grease and oil and I'm pretty sure raw in the middle... It didn't help me physically or spiritually in any way shape or form... If I ever get sick or a parasite/worm it came from that... so That was a moment that I put on my list for future wife- someone that can cook. 
     Other then that my arms are full of bug bites because there are a billion in the apartment... and well I'm happy. The mission is fun, a little stressful pero bueno, that's a given and well... yeah ITs been a slow week, alot of our other investigators are struggling so we are going to pray but its not looking good. As for music... I'm good, I like don't have any idea of what kind of music there is now... I'm way out of the Loop of everything... basically I feel a bit separated from the world... that's probably a good thing though. :) ITs just SUPER HOT and RAINY all da tiempo.
We are coming up to transfers also this next week so I assume we will stay together and that we will keep working here. I love the area and the ghetto haha 
Also I love you all, enjoy the Christmas spirit... Save it for me when I get back. 
LOVE YOU, Elder Woods
a District meeting were the others... didn't show up... so it was successful and my comp learned a whole lot haha... The others got confused on where to go and like went super far away...

December 1, 2014

     Sooo you went down to the south... was it humid... was it hot? Feeeeel my pain. In my area were I am it floods... like FAST FLASH FLOODS. This last saturday it was raining out of no where.. and well we had like 3 appointments and we went to the first one, and she was outside and looked at me and was like ¨today no elder. Its raining¨ like no duh I came 2 miles in the rain to talk with you, so she denied us, we went to the other, the same thing, and the last... they werent home.. sooo we walked in water that was up to my mid thigh, and we clapped houses. and we shared Christmas cards trying to get into a house. We found a few people who have potential but they didnt let us in the house... 4 hours in cold water and wind, Im surprised we arent sick. But its alright.
     So basically this week has been super great. I don't remember if I told you but  Elder Christofferson came to the mission and spoke with us.. Buenos Aires is awesome because its where all the apostles and prophets come through. so We listened to him, and at the end he gave us an apostolic blessing... it was super powerful and we have just been seeing miracles come to pass according to what he told us. We found some awesome people this week and they went to church. We have been talking about Christmas with everyone and we are teaching people about Advent jaja I don't know if that will get me in trouble but we already have two families doing advent this month :) haha

     Also we are sharing this video the church made... its incredible, Its called, él es la dádiva... in English it should be like He is the gift... look it up, it really lets us see what Christmas means..
    This is always my hardest month missing home. I'm dying inside, I want to ski and be with the family and... bueno that is I guess the natural man and I need to keep it at bay. ha But I miss you all. The mission is fun but the Work load is unreal, my district is basically all people disobedient and then my angel son of the mission. So I have been doing a ton of divisions with the others and trying to get them to work, and at the same time taking care of my area... The mission like I know the church is true because I would not be able to do these things on my own, I feel like angels sometimes are carrying me from place to place.
     We pored cement on the roof of a members home, to strengthen it... I'm not an engineer but I feel like things they do here are maybe not the most efficient.. but.. when in rome.. ahaha
     Thanksgiving.... Bueno.. That day we ate a few chicken nuggets and rice that we had gotten. Luckily I forgot it was thanksgiving or it would have made me upset.. haha
     I saved my comp from crazy drunk robbers and we have shared the message with everyone... The mission.. is unforgettable.. I truly know it has changed my life.. We have a young kid who should be getting baptized this next week, so we are excited and all we can really do is help with the momentum and help there little seeds of faith grow. 
     The church is true... I'm going to baptize all of my friends when I get home. 
Also thanks for the stories mom :) we are going to use them for our advent... I bought the candles in a weird santería like store of catholic virgins and witch craft... so hopefully that doesn't curse us. but hahah we will still enjoy the stories. 
Also now I need you guys to look into BYU and what I need to do to go there... I think thats what I want to do.. Im tired of being far from home. Soo look into it and tell me what it says :) 
I love you all. Thanks for writing me every week and just know that Im still alive!!! 
¨I cant belive Im still standing...¨ 
Un beso
Elder Woods


November 24, 2014

Hola familia qué Onda? jaja
      That's slang for what's up, I have been worrying about you guys, drive safely and take car of yourselves!!!!! But yeah this week was a good hot week full of rain... its now the rainy season, its super hot and then... BOOM YOUR DRENCHED! Its part of living next to the ocean I think... ITs honestly quite an uncomfortable way to live... we are always outside because we are just looking for people all the time. 
     But yeah... asi es la vida, with Jonatan and Alejandra, well somethings happened and we are now not sure if they are getting married... so pray for them. and We have a few other families we are working for this month of December, but this Sunday... not a single person went to church!!! And well my mind is soooo fried, I haven't been as tired as I am now... we were teaching this one guy named Estevan, and I repeated myself twice and realized that I fell asleep while talking to him.... weirdest thing ever. Its been a lot like that all week so emotionally... I now think I know how pregnant women feel... always hungry and so tired you don't know what your thinking or how to act... hahah Its like ET when the alien is drinking and the kid gets drunk.. I think me and Hailey we are connected... This week we had one day were we got up at 6:30 and the rest were 5:30 or mas early, one day we got up at 3...
     We have been traveling doing paper work for my comp so he can become legal haha and then we have been traveling well everywhere. Im keeping in order the other elders because they're great but they are like doing... very little work. So I have been being a bit of a slave driver... Its actually really not fun. I've learned I like more just kind of keeping to myself and not getting on people. And on top of everything.. we are trying to baptize and help all of our converts. I think I will either die from being tired or maybe I'm learning how to not need sleep! jaja
     As for Austin... I miss that kid. As for having a 4runner... I forgot you got a new car... how weird. 
     But yeah, Things are flying by I don't think president will let me extend. so I'm a bit sad but that's okay, I heard that they just aren't letting people extend due to all the missionaries coming out. Um... que más? I cant really think of a lot that's happening. This week was a blur, I'm super tired and honestly I just need to sleep, I am a go all day every day, I think president is doing this just so I don't like go super lazy or stop working..
     But yeah, Hailey showed me a picture she is looking really big but its creepy how its just in the BELLY, it looks like tipo alien jaja but bueno, one day Ill see the baby and maybe it wont be as alienish as it appears :) 
I really have no more time but I hope you guys are all good, just know that I'm thinking about you and hope that you are staying safe!! 
PS MOM! SEND ME SOME CHRISTMAS STORIES!!!!!! ONE FOR EACH SUNDAY, IM GOING TO DO ADVENT WITH ELDER RAWLINS :) DO IT NOW BEFORE YOU FORGET!!!! and well send other Christmasy stories and cool things you can think of... enjoy thanksgiving... maybe I will kill a chicken and like eat it in remembrance of the States. 
Besitos.  Mitch

Sunday, January 11, 2015

November 17, 2014

     Hey, I have no time, we spent all morning helping an investigator get married. They are going to get baptized in December... its sooo awesome... I love the mission here. I'm super tired, we just got more elders in the district so now I have more calls to make at night. :/ I need sleep I haven't been sleeping at all, but we have been finding family's and well its worth the pain. So Yeah still alive, slowly dying but I'm good, and well yeah I really am sorry I couldn't write more, I love when you guys write alot, I miss you guys a bunch.
                                                                                              I love you, Elder Woods
                                                                                           Old pictures:

                                                                       and a big river in Lujan...

November 10, 2014


Send them... send them to meeeee!!!!

     So the summer is here and my shirts are turning more yellow and I'm remembering how much skin cancer is in my near future! Seriously, the humidity here during the summer is like... its like... swimming, in your sweat, the sweat of other people and the dirty sweat of the earth. We entered a house that had this little bity air conditioner... and I like almost died of relief. It was glorious, just another blessing that really we take for granted. pero bueno asi es. 
     This week has been fun I continue in the same position here in Gonzáles Catán  but now the only difference is that I have a SON!!!!!!! I'm an argentine father!!! His name is Elder Rawlins he's from Virginia. He's a nice elder and well I've been working him like a DAWG haha it reminds me of when I got here. He's just super tired and well luckily he's patient, but I'm happy. New elders always bring a special spirit ready to work and ready to make miracles happen. So that has been cool to see.
     As far as furniture... hahahahaha que me importa, I have lived without furniture for like ever, I was given a little chair that is torn and beat to death and its been the most furniture besides a mattress I have seen... people here use fold up chairs and like boxes to sit on. So Maybe I will appreciate it more when I get home.
    That's to bad that marah and FHS couldn't go home with the cup, but just gotta practice harder, next year! By then I will teach here how to play like an argentine champion jaja,

 As for my birthday... the members fed me cake... and more cake... and more cake... the night I threw up everything... but it was just as good the second time. :)
     It was sad that elder Smith was leaving and he was really nervous to go, he ended up being put with an intense Columbian,, so he is a little bit anxious to see how it all works out. 
     As for my everything else, we ate ice cream and contacted houses looking for people to baptize and bring into the Light. It was good... I feel the same. I think I'm actually more little too so I don't feel any form or sense of growth jaja
     Here is something I have seen, and after hearing from others who have experienced similar things... missions in the states.... like they are GREAT, but the amount of growth I have had as a man and a worker and everything, endurance and well just every phase of emotion I have learned it here. In the states you learn doctrine and maybe... how to be professional. Outside of the states you just see and.. bueno I cant explain it, but IT IS NOT THE SAME. haha
     Today we are going to keep getting elder Rawlins ready for everything but wow we have a few family's with whom we are working and wow, its just incredible the changes in people, pray for us and that we will be able to find people, that's what we are doing now... but let me just say the Lord has not closed the heavens. He loves us and is showering his blessings on those that want to follow him, and are obeying his requests. The miracles and blessings of these restored doctrines are indescribable and endless. I know the Church is true, I know it at 21 years and I will know it when I am in the presence of the Lord doing the same thing we are doing here. Also I have been talking with the Presidente and I'm pretty sure if he lets me I'm going to extend my mission. but we will see what happens.
     I love you all. Look for me a spanish wife in Texas jaja jk give Hailey a hug and tell me how her baby Mitchellcita is doing :)
Much love from the bottom of the world!
Elder Woods


November 3, 2014

This is what I wrote Hailey... I'm pressed for time so I'm putting everything together!
     Wow you is old haha Sorry for not wishing you happy birthday before. I saw a little girl dressed as a witch and I thought of you... ( Hailey's birthday is on Halloween)  They don't celebrate Halloween here... it was the first time I have seen like anything... I feel the same... my birthday is the day right before a transfer so we aren't really celebrating anything. I have no time ever, I have no time to think of my birth... because were making people be born again through baptisms haha
     We are working hard now to find lots of people. The other day we got a text `in ingles` and it had the address of a family and said they were awesome... we went right away, they live super far also.. and the first time they weren't there. We went another day and well... they let us in and like wow super spiritual lesson. We taught about the restoration and the book of Mormon. The problem is that they aren't married... (por favor) I marry everyone here. MAWWAGE IS WHYYY WEEE AWE GAVVEWED HEWWWEE TODAYYY.... ( Princess Bride)  haha so this next Monday we convinced them to go with us and get married... :) we taught the plan of salvation and we talked about the temple and eternal families, IT was awesome...
     Also this whole week has been raining. so its been a STRUGGLE because when you are looking for people sometimes we spend full days clapping... my comp is really really shy and afraid of speaking Spanish. So I CLAP doors all days and talk all day... and I'm always tired. Now I have learned when its raining its a little harder... this week we are talking like mini hurricanes.. so I feel like It was more of a take my son to the mountain to sacrifice him kind of moment.. like just showing your sacrifice and that you are willing to work. Last night in the last hour of the day in the dark and rain.. we contacted a house... we found a married family of 5... we taught of How the authority of God has been restored... sooo powerful.. So we are finding people and the Lord knows of our needs... if we pray, make plans and put ourselves on the field and work... that's how we move mountains and see miracles... and I know that without a doubt. I realized I have 6 months left... and that is nothing! It is going to FLY so I will hit the ground running and sprint to the end.
     Don't worry about gifts.. I am receiving all that I really need. Pray for me, that's all I need. My comp is likely leaving and the president told me he wants me to either be zone leader or train. So It sounds like anything can happen, so just pray that everything works out! Please and we will keep praying for you all!!! I'm Thankful for you guys and that we are sooooooo blessed, that is all I need. 

Love you!!!    Stay blessed :)
Elder Woods¨

October 27, 2014

So This week has been a good one, we have been fighting to keep Satan from destroying our happiness hahah... we had been passing almost everyday with this family that just got baptized... I understand the importance of having a testimony. I'm not just putting any person in the waters of baptism... this family is awesome their names are Norma, Juan and Elias... they are a testimony builder of how the Lord puts us were we need to be... When I arrived to my area with my comp.. well I still don't know what they were doing but they were not working with anyone, they had no investigators and I was super freaked out like wow... what do we do... so My first night there we left the apartment... and I was getting on my comp for well... not having/working with people and I said bueno elder we are going to just start contacting houses. and he was freaking out and I said were do you want to go and he told me I don't know. I don't know what to do and was about to cry... he is one to cry often... but to each his own. whatever helps you cope with stress. he was like there is a house right there and he was like but I don't know Elder I don't know what to do... So I said bueno elder that house right there is were we start. We don't have anything else to do.. that first house was Norma Juan and Elias... I felt like Nephi... I knew not before hand where to go but the spirit guided us. and we had a miracle happen. This weekend was something special for me...
     Now also at the end of this weekend we had nothing.. and I was stressed that we weren't finding new people to teach, we prayed and yesterday we found 7 new investigators... the Lord is guiding us as we work but the key is just working being worthy and putting ourselves on the field so that the Lord can help us accomplish the rest. I haven't seen meet the Mormons.. I haven't seen like... anything, I think this is how it feels to be Amish... jaja.
    But this week has been a great week as far as being happy. I have little time to talk. I know that we are here on earth for a reason and that is to be obedient to God and the reward is an eternal life of happiness. I know that we will continue progressing after this life and that we can accomplish all of this with the family unit the Lord has blessed us with. 
     Tell everyone that I love them and to pray for us and that we can continue being instruments in the Lords hands! :) 
                                                              Un Besito, Elder Woods

October 20, 2014

    Sorry I have no time I spent a lot of time writing some of my converts and friends since I never write them.... PERDONÁME!!!!!!! I will be better.
     This week was a great week, we had the family that is going to get baptised this weekend go to church and now they are ready!!!! We also have another girl we have been teaching who is going to get baptised the following week and after that we are going to have a wedding and another baptism.. I am excited so hopefully we can endure everything well...
     I don't know if I ever want to leave the house to go camping ever again... I feel like this has been like a 2 year campout and as far as hunting goes.... maybe some day... I think my neighbors are hunting a lot I always hear them practicing or something... hahah jk 
     Also another miracle that happened The other day a guy stopped us in the street and told us he went to Paraguay and liked our church there... and said he loves God and wants to get married.. in his words

¨That is my house right there... if you guys want to come to my house and teach my family and invite us to your church we will go, I have no problem with that.. if you want I was like... bueno sounds good to me. Then I asked did you get baptized in Paraguay? ¨No, I never reached that point but I would love to be baptized with my family¨  soo yeah we visited him found out they're not married, talked about the temple and bueno he is going to go this sunday!!!! :) his name is Rosalino... super cool guy. We are going to get him married her in the near future!!! I swear I marry everyone.. its getting ridiculous.
     Other then that the week has just been working, praying, and running back and forth. I'm going to sleep today... estoy tan cansado.. wow I'm tired sorry... 
     Elder Smith is good... I'm starting to understand his Spanish now haha and he is starting to come out of the cocoon.
     I love the miracles we are seeing,,, I'm super hot now, its getting really hot and humid... but I'm just sweating faith and love haha I love the restored truths we get to share with everyone! I'm all good hope you guys are too....

                                                           LOS AMO, Que Estén bien y felices.
                                                                                 Elder Woods

                                                                           Giant grub thing... monster

October 13, 2014

Wow that picture of Marah.... kind of weird looking... I don't like it. She doesn't need to date. haha
    So this week we have a bit of time to write so I will see what I can put down... As for mission work its been a little depressing we have had a lot of people's agency (ability to decide) destroying everything... really when you are teaching people to change their lives obviously you need to have patience, but honestly, its so frustrating sometimes... still haven't achieved perfect patience.. Because here in Argentina people will use any excuse, ANY excuse to not do something.. like fuaw I stubbed my toe, bueno God will understand why I didnt keep the commandment of going to church, I know he commanded it and that if I keep it I'm showing him that I love him and want the blessings... but he understands how bad my toe is.
    This really happens, like they are sooo close to understanding.. but they don't. So we keep teaching and teaching... sometimes I feel like my mission is teaching me more then these people... maybe that's what I needed, who knows. I remember for the longest time I felt sooo bad for not baptising people. I felt like I had failed the Lord and I think this week I realized that really the Lord is using us in ways that we dont see, maybe I won't baptise but I will plant seeds in the hearts of men, until it explodes out of their chest and throws them into the waters of baptism... thank you for keeping up with the blog! Now all my followers will know of me. haha
    It was weird today Brother Gladden wrote me... I thought he hated me... I feel bad for what I put that poor man through... I need to like bake him a cake when I get back home. haha I need to repent with many people, I am going to show more love when I return, and I won't even complain about your green bean caserole... I'll just wait till your not looking and put it in a napkin and store it in my pocket... like I have done so many times here in this great country. ;)
     Our area is full of drama, everyone is screaming and everyone is crying and everyone is kissing on the corners and subsequently everyone is about to have babies... the emotion here is like just a little tooo high. I enjoy my time alone in the shower... oh soo much. We are teaching a woman about the church and she like loves the church, wants to be baptised, and is reading the book of mormon... likes it. agrees with it. But believes that she just needs the bible. We talked FOREVER about how we need the Lords word continually and if he loves us we will continue to receive his guidance throughout all the years.   If people really believe in God you think they would rely a little less on there own understanding!!! I want to climb the wall and preach humility to these people like a prophet of old! 
     As for fotos... I have the camera.. its got fotos... but none of these computer places have drives for putting pin drives.... its ridiculous... So bueno we will see in the future how we handle this. There are many things in the world that you don't think of until you experience... 
    I will give you two examples... here in Argentina there really isn't sidewalks that conform with any regulation.... its really like hiking a flat mountain... of trash and rocks and whatever else there is. This week I have stubbed my toe... like cien veces(100 times) My toes hurt SO bad.
Secondly we use colectivos a lot, its a bus... and well this week I saw what happens when we are sitting next to a little girl who throws up around other women who have week stomachs and well lets just say.. domino effect. (Yo He VISTO UNAS COSAS) 
     I love the mission haha but dang I miss serving in the states!!!! Also I counted in our apartment... I counted 20 Giant spiders on our ceiling... I fed one a cockroach. IT was crazy. Now we are going to go play soccer with the kids of the ward I'm excited. I love what I am learning and I think the lord taught me this week the importance of HOPE I invite everyone to study what is hope and put it in your life, you will see how happy you are! 
I love you all, just remember if you love the problems and are thankful for what they teach us, you will love life! 

Todo mi amor y cariño! Les Mando todo a ustedes! Los Amo!!!

Elder Woods 
                                                       Giant bottles of pee on the street

Playing with the cucarachas...