"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 9, 2013

Well this will be really short.

My companion died (finished his mission) so we didn't do anything this week.
We are having transfers this week, and my other companion is leaving, I'm staying and getting a kid to train. Which is unheard of in this mission. First off, Visa waiters are never senior companion USUALLY and also, they are not trainers. The kid I'm getting, doesn't know spanish. I don't know spanish... I am more then frustrated and stressed. I threw up a little. and now I don't feel good at all. This is one of the worst weeks I have had in years that I can remember. I want to cry. Please pray for me....
But yeah, I pray for you. I hope everything is good. I'm sorry for not writing more.
 I just feel sick and sad.

Love you.


September 2, 2013

So hey I'm writing this on an iPad and it's annoying me. So this might be short. No computers since it's Labor Day so we are using a members.

So things for me are good, I'm trying to be exactly obedient, in Alma 57: 27 or somewhere like that it talks about how the sons of Helaman where successful because of their obedience. I think that is the scripture but I'm not sure, it's around there haha.

But yeah this week has been good, it was pretty dramatic due to the fact we work with sister missionaries. But yeah, my trainer E. Verges has 10 days left. He's pretty done but we are trying to still work hard. I'm really stressed to the point I want to cry all the time this is soo hard to do everyday. I am really really homesick lately and I'm having a hard time giving up who my past self was. Ugh, Also I heard some news on transfers and can't say anything till it happens or not but It makes me sick every second of everyday. My Spanish is frustrating a lot and I don't want Verges to leave. I don't know I just feel so much pressure.

Also about my toe I think it may be a bit infected... Pray for it. Seriously haha no joke.
I hope you like the pictures, I borrowed them from my companion
I have no time though and no stories, just us trying to find new people to teach. Things are slow and we are just saying good bye to some of the members before Verges is done.

I love you guys so much and miss you more then you know.
Love, Mitch!!!
President Uchtdorf at the July 24th parade
haha the slow kids playing, just looked a little off haha

Hiking / Canyon Pictures

August 26, 2013

hahahaha first off! Put it all on the blog, mother! DANG! My life is uncensored! Because I tell it how it is! But yeah, the president and bishop are still making things really difficult, but, what can you do! In the book Preach my gospel, it has a chapter on "Christ like attributes" and I am trying to be a master of them all! One is patience and hope... so Hope is just having faith everything will work out for good, and patience is enduring while that time passes. SO I will try and be like Christ I guess. That's funny about anyone who things I was an example. They probably tell you that to make you feel good, I don't feel like I do much. It's actually a goal of mine to be a better example, even in the mission. I think I'm a little more hood/ghetto than some of these other missionaries. Dad told me about his calling... SUPER Funny I think the bishopric want him to experience all that I do, so that he can tell me what I am doing right and wrong! haha But that mission tag I left him... that might be useful ha! Now he just needs to learn spanish and we can talk about our stories! :)
Note from mom: Dad was called to be a ward missionary
So not too much happened this week, it's been a lot slower and we are having a hard time finding. Last week we found some new people to re visit this week, but only time will tell how that plays out! My spanish.. Well I had an hour long conversation with a woman from our ward at her house... that was cool, and pretty hard. I want the spanish to come NOW but it is, just not as fast as I want. Austin I believe gets home soon... So keep an eye out for him!!! Give him a hug from me! And as for my toes... yeah, they only actually did one, it hurt a lot and was really grows, they put like a cast thing on it and I worked one day in sandals and then thought it looked really dumb and took it off. I have some pictures of the cast but not the toe... you could not handle it. haha It's still nasty but I can work so that's what matters.

My trainer is almost done and well, he's kind of "dying" which means he just doesn't care anymore. But hopefully it doesn't get any worse. The end of Transfers are on Sep. 11. We went on that hike It was glorious!!! I have some pictures from that! I can't think of much more to say! We don't have a lot of time! We have an appointment and were dumb enough to schedule it on our P-Day ugh... Girls still don't write me. Go figure. I am becoming a master of the scriptures. Let's see what else. Soccer, I'm getting better. oh yeah! And the food here... I think I have been sick like every other day... This guy we baptized took us to a chinese restaurant and ordered this shrimp thing for us... I wish I had my camera. GIANT shrimp fully intact with it's face, eyes, legs everything just looking at me. You bite into it and the shell is still on. Like they just took a shrimp and threw it in a deep fryer. I was sooo sick that night. haha Elder Verges tells me that Argentina food is SO much better. I hope. But yeah. Life is good, work is work haha and I am getting huge from all these push ups I started doing last night. Mi barba (beard) is such a temptation because I want to grow it out   I'M A MAN!!! yeah!
ha Love you guys Muchisimo!

August 19, 2013


My mind is blown, I warned that girl, I warned her!!! LONGBOARDS ARE A NO!!! Mom sent me a picture of the fracture and the screws, I hope it heals good, or she's going to have a leg longer than the other. ha Tell her I love her, and I'm sorry, but it's impressive she was just walking on it like that, she's a trooper! 
Note from mom: Mitch's sister, Marah, broke her ankle and leg
So I went in to the doctor for my toe, and found out that both my big toes are ingrown and have to have surgery on them too. hahaha so this Wednesday I'll lose those, he said it was from all the walking and soccer... but freak it could be worse and I could have a broken ankle. Sean Farley fell and knocked out his two front teeth... sooo this week has been rough.

Today we are going to go on a hike in this canyon so next week I should have some pictures. I have some stories so I will try and type fast. First story, I'm thankful everyday for my Latin ward. We have a family that was being taught and asked if they could learn in Spanish so they gave us the family to teach. They are so great and they love us, two are on date to be baptized and the other three are attending church. BUT we have their other ward always texting/calling us to report to them. We were confused seeing as they weren't interested in an English ward at all, and we already report to our own bishop and everything, so it was super ineffective to talk to them. So one day we didn't text them back, and that night we got a call from a high councilman. Chastising us. Then the bishop was demanding that we report everything going on with this family.  He was like let's have a meeting. We told him we don't have time for a meeting especially since we have lessons and are busy. He responded "MAKE TIME!"  He involved the zone leaders and the sisters who taught them the first lesson (7 missionaries in all) We simply said the family told us that their ward is overwhelming. This family has a neighbor who I guess invited them to take the lessons, but they actually took the lessons because they have friends in our ward. The bishop told us that English programs have more power.... I was getting SO mad so I explained how we are there because they want us, that they should respect the family and not force them into an English ward. It was super contentious and the bishop and stake president called me unto repentance. At the end we asked the President to say a prayer, because trying to talk was going no where. I was sooo mad that whole day, I just kept reading scriptures on patience. haha

Also we went on splits thursday. I went with the only black missionary in the whole mission. Elder Mbawa from Africa. We rode bikes for the whole day, soo fun. It reminded me of when I rode my bike everywhere when we lived in Utah, Now I'm back tearing up the streets again haha There are a lot of Tongans and Samoans in Utah, and we visited a Tongan Ward Barbeque. It was Glorious! I love Tongans! Then we had a lesson that was translated into Tongan for a guy. That was cool. I had a baptism with Elder Mbawa. The family didn't even know me, but insisted I got in the picture for her baptism... SO I guess it counts haha Easiest baptism I have ever had.

Things are going good here, the work is slowing, but we are trying to find and I am determined we will. In Alma 29:4-5 it talks about how God will provide us with our desires whether it be wicked or righteous. That we can achieve anything according to the desires we have. I desire to be a great missionary and baptize!

I'm trying to think if there is anything else.... oh yeah I got really sick last night and destroyed this investigators bathroom, at her surprise birthday party... Mexicans are so funny, I was embarrassed for well, just stinkin up this bathroom. But somehow it like helped me gain her and her families trust. They said since I could do that I was comfortable with them to be able to use their restroom, they felt comfortable with us haha :) SO WEIRD but cool.

But anyway we are gonna go hike this Canyon/mountain yeeeaaahhhh.

I love you guys sooo much, marah your a dummy but I love you too, hope your leg is okay! Mom, way to be a good mom like always, and dad thanks for all you do and how good of a worker you are.

Les amo


August 12. 2013

So I have no time to write this week :( because we had a temple trip today, we went to Salt Lake City, It was awesome. but it took forever because we take the train back and forth, and yeah... we missed it by like 3 minutes and had to wait another hour, and then it took forever to get here since we had no car from the train station. So... I have very little time. I just want you to know I'm alive.

Everything is good, we had another baptism last saturday, with a guy named Luis Alverez he is sooo cool. I don't know if I described him, but next week when I can get a camera I will send you his picture and explain. He has a funny story! But yeah, we have 4 more people on date! YEAH!!! You are right though dad, I think allot of how you where and I never give up on people, or at least try not to. Numbers aren't everything, but for some reason, we are being super successful, so I just get excited. I think a lot of it is Elders Verges and Tapia though. I am there for support haha! We have quite a few lessons in English though so I do plenty of work, plus my spanish is super good, or getting there. Just gotta keep working on it. Someone asked me today at the Temple what my favorite thing about the mission is.. and all I could think of is just the people. Seeing people change and loving the people. It's unlike anything else.

Also I think I have an ingrown toenail, it's really gross. I tried combating it and soaked my toe one night and then we took a knife and cut out the toe nail... It was like 75% success because it fixed it for awhile but now it's back and even worse, so I'm going to call our super intense wife of the president.. maybe she will cut it off herself I'm not sure. but that's like my biggest complaint right now.

We had to move a family that didn't know any English and then we had a lesson, so somehow I got left with the family (Dad) and they went to a lesson, and me and this guy lifted like the most furniture/television sets/workout crap. All by ourselves for like hours, I don't know what kind of lesson they had but it was a good one I guess.. haha it was really frustrating and awkward because I didn't know all he was saying and he was confused by what I was saying. It was crazy. but yeah, baptism by fire I suppose.

Tell marah Longboards are dangerous I have seen many die on them, also Know I love you guys sooooo much!



Ps: I like knowing there is a middle Childs Day haha