"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 30, 2014

     Hahaha Life is funny, its the little things that people remember. We always as missionaries are worried of what the people see us do, the level of responsibility is much higher, because its true the smallest thing can influence someone for the good or bad.
     Today I have literally like 10 minutes because we have to catch a train for a zone meeting thing! Its crazy here we got a new president Saturday night and we are getting ready to meet him and well things are a little hectic with time and everything! This weekend was a good one we found some new familias to teach and we had two baptisms! They were really special, Its really cold here and we put the hot water in which is really just like room temperature and well... IT got really cold and it was like baptizing in a river... It was interesting, but no one got sick so that was great! :) One of the kids me and Elder Escobar found was baptized. His name is Franco. He is great, we've grown super close. He's really funny, but the thing that was incredible to me, what I want to talk about today was he asked me to baptize him and then give him the confirmation (holy ghost) So that was my first time giving it to anyone and well it was a Sunday when we had the branch conference and everyone was there... I remember how this young man was before and how he was after. He changed and at first I thought it was my imagination but I really could see and even better FEEL the difference. What a blessing it is to have the Holy Ghost to guide us, to give us council and sometimes carry us through our personal falls and hard times. We had a lesson that Sunday after and he already wanted to bring his friends to church, he told me that he never wants to quit going. Now keep in mind that no one in his family is a member and actually they don't support going to church. His older brother whom I also have taught was telling me how he wouldn't be going to church because this next week is the birthday of his Dad then he said and Franco probably wont go either, and Franco looked at him and then at me and stood up and said, NO I am going to go.... When the path is dark and the way to the lord is a thin wire we need that Spirit to hold us firm. Wow I saw a miracle and many, many others in the midst of my struggles with my companion. The Lord continues to bless us.
     It is super cold here.... like super cold and wet and well I'm like swimming in freezing water all day every day.... Christmas in July haha
     But we had more things that I just cant fit in, I'm learning how to just live without time. I want you guys to know that I love you and am grateful that I was born into our home! Dad .. maybe a letter :) and well hmmm, mom I sometimes miss your cooking.... sometimes. hahahaha
     As for the story of Kody... Its best not to listen to gossip. I'm sure I was driving very well, and If I was talking to someone it was because they needed help. Or a Scripture reference! 
I love you all!!!!!!   
Elder M. Scott Woods......


June 23, 2014


 Well I have decided that I have been a little negative lately and well, when we are negative we aren't showing a lot of hope for the good things,and well the faith comes from hope for the good things in this world. So I will not lack faith any more!!! Things here are good, I am working and keeping diligent, in this dang COLD. Its literally like Christmas in July... but yeah I am with my companion still for at least 8 more weeks. So I am super excited to work and learn even more. I feel like we will see miracles here. We are going to have 2 baptisms this next week! and we have planned two more for July! So the Lord has been blessing us! I have learned that things are always hard, but they are harder when your attitude is negative. BECAUSE there is so much good we just have to look for it and hold on to it, you can not serve two masters, you can not be happy and sad at the same time... You must decide which you will be.
     But yeah I took some pills for cleaning out parasites... I feel better and I think I've gained a little weight. I have been trying to eat more but we are poor and we spend a lot of money on transportation. That's just one of the blessings of the mission. I am learning how to work when I'm hungry and tired. Just keep swimming. haha
     Also yeah we always have to be in the apartment when Argentina plays but we know who's winning because people shoot their guns and scream everytime they score... and honestly I love soccer now! The states have won one and played last night but I haven't asked anyone yet who won. So Its fun. The culture here during the world cup is unreal haha so much passion.
     But yeah I'm doing good, I know you guys are doing good too! Just keep close to the Lord and be obedient to him. The Lord will provide a way. It might be a way completely different to what you think, but you will be okay! The Lord will give you storms to push you to the promised land. I love you all With everything! Just remember it starts with hope! Then comes the faith and then the miracles. Hope will be the anchor from which you will be able to endure storms when they feel out of control.
I love you.

June 16, 2014


 I love the Quotes mom, they made me laugh and feel good. I don't have a lot of time this week, I had to talk with the president for awhile. This week was tough for me. After having such a great week with Elder Sturgell I felt like I fell really hard to be back with my companion. I told him I want to get going to do everything this week and that he needed to work if he wanted to have success this week. He did very little and this week we accomplished very little... I have been super frustrated, this week we are having transfers and I hope that I leave. This area has been so hard for me. We have people ready to get baptized this month. We have found 3 people who are going to get baptized here in the near future and it is a great feeling having them, but I don't know. This area hasn't felt like my last. If you guys remember Fernada from my area of Villegas, I just heard that they have had 10 baptisms there all that came from her, I heard that today and I cried. I felt so grateful to have met her and now I can see how the Lord works. 11 baptisms just from meeting someone in the street. How great is the Lord?! Here I am trying to have sacred experiences equal to that one. I am just having a hard time focusing on them and not thinking about this companionship.
     This week was tough also, The world cup started and every time Argentina plays we have to be in the pension for like 5 hours... Argentines are crazy about there soccer. Last night they won, and I think people were firing guns outside of our apartment. Oh Argentina... I had to explain like 5 times why God is more important then soccer. But yeah I'm super happy that the family is doing good! It makes me truly joyful. 
      Its weird to think that I'm now counting down from my mission, time is going by WAY to fast... but just know I love you! I am thankful for the familia that God has given me! I just hope that I can now continue gaining his confidence to help other families have what we have. Also I have lost like 20 pounds.... pray for my body, my mind is willing but I think the body is starting to struggle. I had a dream that I went home for health... and I have never woke up so frustrated in my life. We are going to try and visit a doctor and see what's up. But just pray for that. Thats all I need this week. Les Amo a todo de Ustedes!
                                                                              Love Elder Woods


June 9, 2014

SO Hey family,
     I have a ton on my mind but dang I cant express it all!!!! This week has been crazy but awesome I have been so tired and so dang happy! This week the president who is about to go home... in like a week sent his assistant, like the missionary that he trusts most to stay with me and my companion for a week. This missionary se llama... is called? ugh I cant remember how to work english ahhh but his name is Elder Sturgell from Colorado. He came and I thought wow... maybe I'm the worst missionary in all the mission that the president would send his beloved here to just fix me. Also this missionary is going home this Friday, so I thought why is the last thing that president could do with this dying missionary be go with Elder Woods and his companion Elder Paredes... I was really stressed to perform bien. But it was like a breath of fresh air, these last two transfers with people a little {special} to have someone that wanted to work hard and someone with whom I could talk to. I have learned so much and grown just within a week. This Elder is so Christlike I have grown to love him! This week we worked hard and we did service AND IT WAS GREAT haha I have learned more how to love and well really how to just purify myself from the worldly things! I had my eye single to the Glory of God and we saw miracles! Its sad to see him so close to the end and how sad he is to leave this country, I truly see now that Argentina is my home, and that I don't want to go back. I can not explain how it is to struggle so much and have love for people like I have had here, to walk in a street and see a family and take a fathers hand while looking him in the eyes to tell him that his family can be happier. To see people make life changes that ultimately change EVERYTHING! This week has been very sacred to me. I Love my mission with all my heart. I am frustrated often but we always joke to make a perfect diamond you need lots of pressure. I was reading in Ether 6, about the family of Jared and how they took a boat across the ocean... That chapter explains why bad things happen. There is one verse that says God did make the winds blow and the storm came in, so that it could push this family to the promised land. I will ride these storms, and I will thank My heavenly father for them, because everyday I get closer to my promised land. I invite you to look at the storms and think how is this helping me come closer to God and Jesus Christ, and how you are being brought closer to perfection. 
     I started thinking I have 13 months, my friends are all getting back home now. I have no time to waste, we started contacting FAMILYS! And one day I found 5 families that are married and interested. I Desire to baptize  families. Here in this mission the majority are young kids, and while they need it too, I cannot focus myself in anything less than a family. What I learned though that has made all the difference is just like a pair of shoes, if you want to buy them, you have to pay the price. If you desire a family you must pay the price even if it means failing, rejection. I am trying to give EVERYTHING to the Lord, and maybe It will find those that truly need my help, and not just mine but that of God. 
     We found some good families this week, we will see if they progress, I pray that they do. But like always I think of my own family and all I have to say is give everything to the Lord and you will be okay, you will ride the storm and you will arrive in a promised land of pure joy. Build on Christ, and you will not fall.
I love you con todo mi corazón, espero que me crean :) 
Con amor, Elder Woods

PS WE found a petting Zoo.... jajaja


June 2, 2014

Hey Family,

     I don't have much time today. Here things are cold and wet and nothing dries! Our apartment has clothes hanging in every spot possible, its loco, but for real.
     I am with my comp.... still. Seems like its been a year but I think like 2 weeks now, fua que duro ha estado estas semanas. But its all good, would you believe that ¨We¨ did more service this week, I have shoveled land like... never before, we put in some foundation for a bolivian family and well alot of dirt was needed. My hands.... my Body, I don't know if it will endure. Then we had a talk about how he has done more service with me then any other comp he has had.... what luck, haha but its all good, maybe he is learning a lot from it, who knows I don't understand him, but yeah, I had a long time of thought wondering what I could do to make our companionship better. I thought why have like the majority of my comps here been so hard... I wondered its probably me and I have to change something I'm doing, and well that's always true, but I really think this mission since the beginning has been teaching me patience and endurance. So who knows, the Lord uses those in the places they are needed, so I will do it and try and be happy haha
     We had a lot of people go to church this week that was great, I really felt the spirit in church. I thought of the family and when we went and about Sundays- the food, the movies and well just being with the family. Not home sick but just thankful for the family I have. It was a good day.
     Also I have been doing things different, and I can see more strength in my teaching. You all know I love to tell stories, right. I was reading one day thinking Fua I want to be like Jesus, like I want to teach like he did, and how did he teach... with parables. I thought wow he just told stories in a way that they could learn and think for themselves and then we asked questions... so I am telling stories and I have seen changes using talents and wow, we see miracles! I know I'm here for a reason so that is nice to know haha. We had to leave a family this week because they can't progress without the Dad, and the Dad is well, in a state of pride that will take time to cure. That day I remember crying in the middle of the dirt street thinking why am I here who am I helping, but I know the family knows more now and I have learned from them, and I guess its always a little reminder of the atonement of Christ and what he felt. Its hard to have so much love for someone and see what they don't. I am happy but dang my companion is asking for a hand sandwich haha jk kind of.... no I'm kidding don't worry.
     And lets see,,, oh yeah Marah actually is getting good with her spanish... but for real. Dad HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you .Also tell Grandma Happy birthday... my comp is yelling at me... I love you 
                                                                      ELDER WOODS!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

May 26, 2014

      I have got home on my mind more then ever before.I have never had a hard time with being focused with the work, but we had transfers and my other companion left, and it was a bit of a relief. But now I received a new companion from Peru, that might just be a little worse. He is the messiest, unorganized, 24/7 talking companion, who has no idea what he's doing but corrects everything I do..... He also touches me.... like always poking me. I have never been so close to going bruce lee on one of my companions like I am now. Its a whole new world. I jumped out of the pot into the fire... haha but its fine
     We had some good things happen here as far as the area is going.This week was fairly good because we were getting a little more confidence with the members and getting more familiar with the area, because still I am a little lost. We have met with some of the people with baptismal dates that we had and are ´cleaning´up a little and looking for people that the Lord has prepared. The family that went to the temple with us, didn't go to the church, because the husband who still hasn't attended the church heard things at work from friends and doesn't want to hear anything more. The wife is so faithful that she doesn't want to make a decision with out him even though she has been one of the most ready people I have met. Her and her sister in law love the church but refuse to go with out the family and the husband is just.... UGH I have never been so sad as to see such great people held back by one. But if we cant find a way to reach the husband we will have to drop the family and go less just praying that this seed eventually grows... We have another investigator called Marciano, he is from Paraguay and went to church for the second time. He is a great guy and I truly believe he is going to be baptized. He is preparing for his baptism on the 21 and is reading everything and loves the church. He is a great guy, me and elder Escobar found him one day when we were lost and I realized he was from Paraguay. I was practicing some guarani (a language in paraguay that I learned a little bit of in my last area) with him and well, turned out he was really prepared. Miracle. We have another family that we found recently that have met with missionaries before. The dad is great and knows he needs to change but just lacks the commitment to the Lord. Of the 4 of their family that can be baptized only the 14 year old son attended the church. Also we have a family here that consists of one member and his wife who isn't married. They called us this week on Thursday and are trying to sack a turno to be married. We are going to plan for her to be baptized just after her wedding :)seeing that she already has like 100 attendances in the church!
     So things are good, but super tough too. It is getting SUPER cold here and I think I need to buy some new things, like shoes haha the time has come, maybe some boots. It rains a lot in winter here.... isn't that awesome. Who would have thought that it would rain more in the winter time... Not me. But whatever SATANAS (satan) WILL NOT WIN! but yeah It is posing some new obstacles.
      Have I told you about my new companion? jaja his name is Elder Paredes, a little more about him is he complains about everything. Before the mission his hobbies were internet... and tv... and video games. So he doesn't like the cold, or the heat... or the sun light. haha
We did service this week where we had to take out two trees with shovels, weed a path the length of a football field and then put in a path of rocks so that an old couple could pass this road of pure mud... Luckily it was only my comp and me who where there to do it.. but 10 minutes after beginning he was cutting weeds with a machete and literally swung it, let go of it and it hit him in the shin. It didn't cut him too much, but then he started to complain about a blister on his finger... so he went and sat down for 2 and a half hours while I dug up two trees and finished weeding and using a wheel barrel to place the stepping stones..... DAD YOU WOULD BE DANG PROUD! I left with a raw hand and muscles more dead then ever.... and after it all, My comp left with me and told me about how much he loved doing service. If I could have lifted my arm I would have struck him down to the earth. hahaha

     Mission stories... its almost funny when I look back on it. But yeah things have been pretty good, we are still preparing for the new president. I hope he loves me more then the one we have now, and that he takes away the rule that we cant drink coca cola.... I'm dying for some Pepsi haha
     Our area is super tranquil like nothing happens here, I miss the ghetto a little. But because the president is leaving we are going to have transfers again in 4 weeks so, I kind of want to go somewhere else. But its not what I want I guess, maybe Ill never be the great missionary I wanted to be, but I will know I am doing the Lords Work.
      Happy memorial day by the way, its great to think of the great people in our lives that have helped us and then taken the next step to eternal bliss. Like Jesus. Granpa, Grandy. People that have helped us and taught us many things. I'm happy that I have had you all as examples and that your still living ;) haha So thanks for both, keep it up.

I don't have much more time, Just know that I love you all With todo mi corazon. 
Let me know if there is anything I can do for you while I'm here in the bottom of da world! 
                                                          Elder Mitch Woods


Missionary Training





May 19, 2014

Hey Family,
  Qué tal? hope everything is good!
    I don't have a lot of time because well, we are preparing for transfers and well we just have to walk a ton and well we never have time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Time keeps on slippin slippin... into the future.
    haha but yeah this transfer has been really rough, this area is a tough area and well my comp.... I love him, but I think a change will save me. Who knows, only God knows. But there is good in everything we just need to be looking for the good!
     I read a talk and it talks about the speaker working with his mom, after a long time he looked back and told his mom, we haven't accomplished anything, and she told him DONT look back, look at all that we still need to do ahead of us. And IT helped. I have felt, I think like a mid mission crisis, that I haven't accomplished all that I wanted to. But I have been looking back and need to look more at what the Lord still wants me to accomplish. So I will focus more on that, Also I read in Hebrews 6:7
¨For the earth which drinketh in the rain that cometh oft upon it and bringeth forth herbs, meet for them by whom it is dressed receiveth blessings from God´ What I received from that is that God gives us our personal ´rain´and we can use it to bring forth the things that will sustain us more. I can see that things are tough and well it rains a lot here, but I can use it to bring forth good fruit or thorns. It was a good study.
     But I'm good.... kind of been really like Elder Rogers from the best 2 years... a little dead with the drive, but I'm going to find it. God gave me a wall and now I have to climb it to see the green grass on the other side. haha 
I love you all and Hope your doing goooood :)  Don't sweat the small stough. 
Wow I just realized I cant spell anymore... haha I will leave it just for laughs. 
(Marah wanted to know when it was he could spell?)

Pray for the people here, as I pray for you all.
Los Amo con todo!
Elder Mitch Woods

May 12, 2014

     Well its a holiday and there is no area open and well.... I'm good. The rain passed and so that's nice. I may have an accent I'm not sure anymore... haha I love you and well... yeah, I hope that you feel better and yeah I got Hailey's email, VOY A SER TIO!!!!!!!!!! I'm super excited!!!! I love you mom! I am happy your happy! And tell Marah thanks for talking to me....
 Love you guys!!!! Mucho Amor!   Elder Woods
And to sum it all up...I love you this much! 
Note from Mom: Mitch got to call for Mother's day. It was stormy in Argentina, we got disconnected 4 times, and eventually got to talk for 20 minutes! We laughed because he couldn't remember English very well and we thought he sounded like he had an accent!


May 5, 2014

       This week we don't have a lot of time. I'm going to call around 3 or 4 your time... maybe 5 we dont know we havent really organized anything and dont know when we will be able to. But just have your phone in that time :) 
      and well.... I don't know, things just appear a little dark, but... with the dark comes the light, so its just a matter of patience and maybe humility because we cannot achieve anything with pride. I'm learning here how to live and work with others. But really, with my companion I dont know if its just something wrong with his way of thinking or what, we have learned that pride cannot accomplish anything. When both are humble the things will move even if all the other signs point that they won't. We have a family that we found that are sooo wonderful, we have taught them and they have been humble and received everything. Today (after teaching about the law of chastity) The girl Natalia is going to get the paper work started to get married. We went with them to a baptism this weekend and they told me that they are excited for their day! Also we are going to the temple with them as a branch and I just know that they will have a life changing experience... I am a champ at teaching the importance of the family. I'm marrying more than I'm baptizing haha Also we had another man that we have been teaching go to the church for the first time in 10 years. I have been super bold with him and well wow, how humble he is and his faith to follow Christ is incredible. I am truly thankful for what the Lord is allowing me to do. It is incredible. I know that if we are built upon a rock that any storm and hard time can come but we will not fall, this rock can only be Christ. This means His teachings and utilizing his atonement through true repentance. I am excited for this next week to hear your voices. I still haven't emailed Bishop or Bro Larsen, Voy a hacerlo. (im going to do it) 
     I'm grateful for you Mom that you helped raise me right and have been the example for me as far as obedience and patience! Happy Dia de Madre :) I will tell you that in person aha
      Also we contacted this one house and a crazy guy came out and started attacking us with a giant metal bar... without thinking I told him we had something for him and that if he didn't change he would not have eternal life. I then told him to repent. My comp had left me, he left running, and after  he was like are you crazy, and really I dont know. I felt like a prophet, because.... I know I'm okay. The Lord is with me, and nothing is more important then these people's salvation. Haha Its weird looking back I would never see myself just standing up to a crazy Argentine with a rebar and just telling him eternal truths.. haha I love the mission! All is well here dont worry, we are walking with angels! :) 
                                                                          love Mitch