"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 25, 2015

     It is very weird for me, right now to express how I feel... I'm happy that I could work in the service of the Lord and feel the spirit in such a way as I have here... But at the same time I know I may never be in a world were ALL my focus is the salvation of Gods children. It will be tough leaving this life. This week I want to stay focused... Its going to be more difficult then learning Chinese. We are setting my final interview, and a farewell with my converts in the mission. I just feel sick and nervous and need to just trust in the Lord and accept the changes that he gives me.  This weekend we have a young man of 19 that we found, who is going to get baptized. Soo if there is no complications.. and if its the Lords will, I can leave the work with a friend being baptized. That is my last desire as I finish here. Pray for us and our safety, and that we can find those who need us.. 

I love you all and if I don't write you all this next Monday... I will see you in person. 
                                                                                                                     Elder Woods
3 John 1: 13-14


May 18, 2015


    I have no time. We are running behind in everything.
     This week was good, we are seeing miracles. This week they dedicated the temple of Cordoba, Argentina... and its really special seeing the growth in the country.
and well.... I will just tell you all about it here really soon. Stay safe and Be obedient to the Lord! 
                         Love you family! Thanks for all that you do! 
                                                                                               Elder Woods

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 11, 2015

So... Yeah.... I have few things to say..  I loved talking with you all,
(We got to talk to Mitch yesterday for Mother's Day!)
and well... Dont be trunky... (pack your trunk early and forget about the work)
thats the goal numero 1. goal numero 2 is Find a golden family before I leave! 
I love you all very much! 
Elder Woods

May 4, 2015


     I think you all should call the offices... jaja I did get told something about four corners regional airport... or something like that... I should get home like the 2nd ..por ahí no sé.. and yeah...
( Mitch arrives home on June 2nd. He will be flying into Farmington at 12:50pm)
     As for what you should bring... um all that it says... a good jacket... like it doesn't matter what they say... bring a good black jacket... good shoes.. like good leather... good soles. shirts.. more short sleeve. SLEEPING BAG... believe me... houses here don't have heating.. they are bricks.. and sleeping bags save lives. but yeah.. just bring what it says.. jaja
(A friend's son just got called to the same mission)

T    his week was good, we found 20 new investigators... TALKING WITH EVERYONE!!! We are teaching a ton, and from our work a married couple and a young man of 18 and a girl of 14 went to church... it was stake conference and the Elder Zapallos came.. who just recently spoke in conference it was powerful and they all have dates for baptism now... we hopefully can see some miracles here. The area hasn't baptized in.. a while. Other then that we are just trying to fix a bit of the mentality of the members. They think that the missionaries are here to be best friends and just hang out with them, and well the sacredness of the calling isn't really recognized... we are going to change that. I have offended so many members, for just wanting to be obedient.. Like how will our investigators learn obedience to the Lord if the members don't even know?

     This final stretch is LOCO but I'm enjoying it. It's a good challenge as Ammon says, to prove to this people the power of my God! I'm excited to go home, but afraid. I fear I will lose the spiritual high at which I find myself. I see too often that missionary's return... and are almost the same. I desire to be a new man, a different person. I think that is just weighing the most on my mind... wondering if I really made the change and was converted as I had desired. But the world is full of changes, and we accept changes and change fast! 

     You made me think of a talk called, ¨beware of Pride¨ It talks alot of comparing ourselves to others.. I don't believe that we ever need to compare ourselves to others, but we must look to the only one who actually is perfect.. If we forget others and solely focus on comparing ourselves to Jesus Christ... and what we can change to be more like him.. I think that is what God meant when he said be like him. 

    But really that's all I have. The week was good, some days I'm overwhelmed with thoughts of home, and other days, I don't even think about anything other then building the Lords Kingdom. 

I love you all and will talk to you soon. This Sunday, I'm going to call.

Les amo y les espero lo mejor! Nos hablaremos pronto! Un abrazo fuerte! 

PS.. I knew Elder Wiggins really well.. hes a great kid! 

April 27, 2015

Dear Family......
Well it seems that I can´t escape... I'm back in Gonzales Catan... but this time in a different area... this is.. like the most dangerous area of the mission..... I never thought I would say it.... but I have been in da hooood for tooo long! I'm going to come back like a Vietnam vet.... haha 
God did not want me to take pictures... ever.
(Note from mom: We haven't received pictures for almost 4 months. I was beginning to think camera #2 had been borrowed!)
No but its a good area, I'm with a companion, from Chile. He is called elder Ponce. He's a good elder just starting out, and doing good things. This area has not baptized in a... while. but we are going to baptize this next month... I'm sure! We found a girl and she went this sunday and we found a guy... AND HE WENT THIS SUNDAY... miracles..
But no I'm enjoying every minute of every crazy thing that happens and the even not so crazy, little spiritual moments... The mission is great, I'm tired a lot but this is maybe the most important thing I have ever done... I dont know why people dont extend.
As for where I should come in... Im thinking Albuquerque... from what they told me. The Trek is really awesome, I want to go camping when I get home, that will be fun... But no.. not a lot of news... in my old area there was a few baptisms. and they are going to baptize more of the families we were working with... SO many blessings. 
But no... other then that I'm just getting to know the area, and we are going to make it incredible.. always leave a place better then how you found it, right? 
But I love you all and hope that you keep us in your prayers! We always need them! 
Love Elder Woods

April 20, 2015

     So transfers have come, and I'm leaving the area, presidente, me dijo que tiene.. wow I started writing in spanish without realizing it jaja sorry, president told me that he has a special assignment for me. and so we will see what that is, I don't think I will be zone leader, in fact I think I'm going to get an area that is hard, or a companion that needs help. But I'm excited to just be in the service of the Lord! :)) 
     Something super intense happened today also, because president confused my letter with someone elses saying that they wanted to go home... and well he called me today in the morning really mad, because the farewell of converts and missionaries was last night for all that were in my group, and he was like I wish you told me sooner elder, but if your done, then you dont need to be here, and was like talking about sending me home tomorrow... I almost threw up... like STOP THIS IS MADNESS WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO GOOO!!!! and then after like begging that he in his fury didnt send me a casa, We all realized that it was just a big misunderstanding.... but I just about showed up like the movie the return missionary... ¨jared, why are you home? I thought it was next month¨.... I almost cried but it helped me to see how much I love the work.
     Yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament and looking at the ward that was grown from 85 people to now regularly like 110 (yesterday we had 116) in church, I have seen the Lords hand here in this little area. We have 2 people whom I love that are going to get baptized this weekend, but I won´t be there :( and they who are going to be baptized are bringing their family to church, and there are less active families returning, and recent converts talking and bringing more people to church... I came to an area that was wealthy and difficult, and I have seen more miracles and blessing then maybe all my mission... My joy is full. I Couldn´t believe that President was going to ¨send me home¨ when I really feel that this life and work is my home. My mind and body are exhausted but I know God has commanded that we work in his viñard and if I can I will.! 
     We will see each other soon, but I see that when one understands the purpose of the Lords plan and really sees one purpose, the vacation is never there, the whole time leading up to live with God once again, is preceded by a hard labor time. 
     Keep watching conference. Make plans.. on how you will change to do it better, and just be obedient. The Lord blesses humble obedience. Do a review, a self check. and choose to change and live EVEN more like Christ.There is room for improvement always. I'm excited for the temple of Cordoba. Its were my trainer in Utah is from. and IT will be something really beautiful. 

I love you all, thanks for the examples you are and for the work your doing to help others! 

Love Elder Woods

April 13, 2015

hahaha I love the Picture mom, La mujer araña!!!!

So family, I'm like realllly tired. I'm actually having a hard time seeing all my missionary friends going home and staying here. Its like I have two conflicting battles, I want to go home... but I want to stay. So hopefully this week can pass and I can start the next transfer full force. Also We have two women for the end of this month that are going to get baptized! They went to conference and this last yesterday they loved the church, our mission presidente went to the meeting... I don't know why... but he was there, and everyone started to talk about their conversions, it was a crazy good fast and testimony week. This week also we are taking care of a zone and trying to take care of our area, and they made us in charge of the money of our zone... its intense, and today we received a new companion... who is waiting a week to go to Brazil for his mission... he hasn't even gone to the mtc... so like... IM TIRED. we are taking care of him and trying to not like let the mission work fall apart! 
But other then that I'm going to try and make this next month and a half. a good experience! and then... I will probably take a nap and rise from the bed(tomb) on the third day. haha
I love you all, put to practice what the conference teaches... sooo blessed are we to have the gospel! :)
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Días es verdadera, sin duda. 
Un abrazo, Elder Woods