"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 24, 2014

     Well this week has been interesting. We went to Northern Buenos Aires, where it is a lot more wealthy and I felt... like I got called to the wrong mission haha. There it is more touristy and our mission is like.... normal slum life in the ghettos haha, We taught a lot of people this week. We had... 16 lessons, which is actually more average then anything. 11 new investigators, which just means people we have taught and now we have a return appointment, and then after all the work and follow up on the people that are on date to get baptised.... No one went to church. This is the second week in a row, and so I got really frustrated and sat my comp down, we talked about how we weren't accomplishing anything if they arent going to church. Its been a little frustrating with my comp. He wants to work and has pure desire.. but it's just like there are no results, One thing I have learned is it's a lot harder to accomplish something if your going at it in two different directions... you'll arrive somewhere, but rarely on target. So thats about how it is. Now our main focus is this General Conference coming up. I am super excited for it... but we can only go if we have investigators and well.. all of our work done before :) I miss Utah because conference was like the greatest times of the year. Here its like... I dont know, its not Utah thats for sure haha.
     But yeah, Fernanda the girl who is ready for her baptism went to get a ¨turn¨for her wedding. Here you have to take a turn and like a month later you go to an office, sign some papers and BOOM matrimony, pretty sweet.... Super inefficient like everything else here.
     But yeah, oh funny story of the week, we were walking in the street and I heard this thud. I was like hmm what was that, is someone throwing rocks at us? So I looked around and these two young kids had this giant green parrot that had died somehow... and they were playing catch with it. But not just catch... like go long football catch. I was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU KIDS! then they hit me with a giant dead parrot... It was cool looking. I wish I had my camera.
      Dogs attacked my companion, I was there backing him up. I've been sick all week, and losing a lot of weight. Today is the day if we are going to decide to call a doctor... I GOTS DA WORMS. haha lets hope its not that. We are working a ton here, and I know if I'm patient and faithfull the blessings will come. They always come.
     Oh... another funny story. So you know that we call the girls here snakes, the ones that are possible ¨danger¨ . Well this week has been absolutley full of snake encounters. Haha we had a lesson with one woman, and I was being super bold... this mission has taught me how to be ridiculously bold, like fear nothing... and she was like wow you get things done huh. I said ma'am dont change the subject. When can we come back and teach you more? And then she asked me if I was single... like 50 year old women... I was like um no, I have a girlfriend at home. She said I have a daughter that needs a husband haha. I was like I don't care, can we leave you with a prayer? Would you like to give it... ? She gave a 15 minute prayer asking if I would humble my heart and marry her daughter... My comp was like laughing. It wasn't a really efficient lesson. Then we went to one girl we had contacted, and she was, suuuper I dont know how to say it, close to me, like always. The whole time just complimenting everything I did, like wow what a cute voice you have, wow your eyes are gorgeous... and so we taught really fast and left. My comp was like wow Elder, what a cute book of Mormon you have haha, and finally we got dates. We were out in the street contacting and I was talking to two girls and we were just inviting people to the church and they came and asked us were we lived, and how they would like to ¨spend time¨some day. We got their address but I dont think we are going to visit them haha SNAKES I SAY! 
     Also I have decided, I need to go into sales, because I have become so much better of a salesman. I can get into like any house I want and teach it all. I have became really good at contacts. If we were selling anything other then eternal salvation, I would be rich... How sad. The priorities here are a little off. But yeah, you would be impressed, GROWN MEN FEAR ME. I started the mission with a lot of love when I would knock a door, they would always say, oh we dont have time, I would say okay, sorry. But I realized this is more important then anything else, and so now knocking doors are like battles, and almost all the time they are exhausted and let us in :D 
Then we teach a little more lovingly haha

     We did service moving a TON of dirt... I had a spider the size of my hand on my arm... I almost lost my mind... I can't even explain that to you. I stepped in only one open sewer this week. I played baseball with some kids in the street with a board and tennis ball... HOMERUN! haha

     And yeah, that is the life right now! I love you all and Hope for the best. I was reading Mosiah chapter 2, its really good, with conference coming and all. The king, Benjamin, is talking to the people (he is like the prophet) It talks about the family being together, a family that listens to the prophets, and lives the commandments, and where did they listen... in the temple. I invite you guys to read the chapter and think of the question, How can everyone be more happy and united :)

Les amo con todo mi corazón, y quiero que sepan que todas las pruebas en esta vida son para nuestra ayuda y crecimiento! 
SEA FUERTE en los mandamientos y no dudarán lo que tiene el Señor para ustedes yo lo sé! 
google translate:I love you with all my heart, and I want you to know that all the tests in this life is to help and our growth!
BE STRONG in the commandments and did not hesitate what the Lord has for you I know!
                                                                        Con amor, Mitch

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