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Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 17, 2014

      This week, things have been long. The last monday I went and did a ton of paperwork to get legal here in Argentina... I have been illegal for awhile now... haha how funny to think. But yeah, after that I was a little worried about home so I just went and slept, and then we went to work... and I don't know what happened. That night I went to bed and woke up super sick, so I have been sick this week. We just kept on working though and well... We had like 0 success and decided we had to drop some of our investigators here.. problem in this country is no one wants to make commitments like at all... It kills me inside. But I found out that my comp is a nazi for working hard... but the problem is he is so inefficient its unreal. We talk forever with the people and and we do these street contacts with people who are not interested and well... we dont work with members... less actives nothing. Just contacts and weak lessons. So that has got to change. Right now  he is senior companion, and the rules of a mission say be humble and listen to the companion placed as senior. SO I'm trying to be humble and follow him.
     This sunday we had no one in church and we were going to have the baptism and the day came and we had the people there and the font ready and well... they didn't show up. I felt like I was left at the alter. How sad! But we went and talked with them to find out what the heck happened and well... they didn't feel like getting up in the morning. It was a young girl and she didn't go because her parents were partying. It was really sad to see because the girl wanted to but couldn't without them... So I did what is called here bajando la caña [dropping the cain] and well I was not beating around any bushes. But yeah that was the week. We had a lot of rain... that was fun. Hahah
      I have a funny story, soo here in our area we are pretty fearless and we just really go where ever we want. And well we were contacting this one woman and talking to her to figure out if she was interested, and this guy came and told me if I was there again he was going to lets say beat me up,, and well I wasn't thinking too much about him, and still my spanish isnt perfect. So I thought he was just like hey something...something something. So I just looked at him and smiled and said ha gracias igualmente which means like wow thanks the same to you! He sat there and didn't say anything. He looked confused and well yeah.. thats life.
     We had some pig intestines the other day... delicious and awfull... I cant explain it. I stepped in like 5 sanjas (open sewers) and then yeah... Sunday night we were walking and I felt like wow, lets just talk to this one kid. I haven't seen him in church for awhile. We went, found out his parents aren't members, just him and we taught a lesson so well it would have made Grampa Harry's mustache wiggle... haha  (Mitch is named after his great-grandpa Harry Mitchell) But for real, the spirit was strong and we talked about baptism. The mom wants to be baptised herself and the dad too, but wow. I was praying for a family, but the problem here is no one is married. Like everyone is {juntada} or living together but this family has 20 years together and I think it is time fo dat wedding! We are going to work with them but I hope so, We have a billion people to teach. Everyone wants to listen to us, but really like I said... they dont do anything!!! Lazy Argentines! 

     Today we went to the coast and finished my paperwork in order to be legal here and that took forever. And if you think paper work is annoying in the States, its like 10 times worse and in spanish and well... Wow

     I still haven't eaten anything today and well I'm close to dying. So thats not good. I'm getting good at cooking noodles... bread.... meat.... and pasta.... and cereal. Wow I miss cereal like you don't even know. 
     I have no clean clothes because we have to do it all by hand and I do it on Pday. But we haven't been home really and well its time to pay up.. I am one dirty looking elder haha jk. I am learning how to be clean. How awesome. Lets see anything more... Oh yeah, I'm getting a 6 pack because we live like 20 minutes out of our area but we have to call the lideres and report what we did at 9 30... and so for the past like 4 days we have sprinted in dark argentine dirt streets and alleys in the humidity and with my sickness.. but we have been obedient! WOOO super crazy. I hate running. I've seen two missionaries who have had parasites in in the last few months and they have lost like 50 pounds. HAHA its crazy,,, but I think I might have something like that because Im losing weight, I'm going to come home Ethiopian! 

     But for real I have no time. I love you guys with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I only ask that you keep the commandments, pray always for everything, and be the people I love and God loves.      MITCH
                                                                             A lizard that was in my bed

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