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Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 11, 2013

We are actually 4 hours ahead with daylight saving and I check my mail at about 10:30
But yeah! I have never been more depressed in my life, My birthday was good I guess. It didn´t feel to much like a birthday and since Im new here no one in the ward really cared haha, so me and my comp elder Cranney from Utah went to a little mall were they had a subway, it was super awesome. But yeah other then that just work, my 6 month mark was the 8th and I just realized there is still a year and a half... Its feeling a little like I´m hitting a wall. But just keep pushing I guess. It has rained here soooooo much. Like I am going to take some pictures in our area we cover like Jungle, and Pure third world poverty. Argentina is not a bad country but most the poverty is in Buenos Aires and Our mission covers like THE POVERTY. So I am not really getting a feel for what all of Argentina is like since I feel like I entered a help the children in africa comercial.
I dont want to freak you out, I am pretty safe here, but these people are a cold people. Its a little insane to me. We had one less active woman who we tried to bring to church but she couldnt go because her son got shot the night before because people were breaking in to their yard. This may sound crazy, but it is so normal here that it is just life. My companion has seen people get shot here. I´m just feeling a little homesick I guess haha, but hey, how great would a bullet wound be for a story... just kidding.
Also I am already dissensitized to women, there is so much nudity in this place its like normal now, women feed there babies in front of us and girls wear nothing here, since its like a million degress outside. Its worse and just going to get worse. The dogs here... well I am going to come back and kill them all. They are like diseased and crazy, we saw one eating another and they fight in the streets haha it is INSANE!
 As for being 20, I don´t feel anything. I am just wondering how I am going to make it through this mission. I am going to party and celebrate my two birthdays when I get back haha
I miss you guys more then I have ever missed anyone. I think Im in a culture shock and a mission shock! That is super cool for Hailey and Blake they are getting to be so established in the world! haha it´s weird seeing things change!
I have been kind of sick for awhile with my stomache but let me tell you something, Bidets (I don´t know how to spell it) they are magical and Maybe the only thing I think Argentina does better. Our pench(house) has one and well... I have never been happier. If you build a new house I expect to see a bidet!!! haha
As for animals here, it is kind of tropical and there are parrots and frogs the size of my face. and did I mention dogs! haha I´m going to try and sneak some pictures this week. But I hope everything is good with you guys! I love you a ton!!!

Elder Woods.


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