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Thursday, November 14, 2013

October 29, 2013

 Oh boy I have some stories for you guys!!!

First off, this place is crazy!! I am not in Utah anymore jaja
The flight was good but verrry long, I got only 40 minutes of sleep and then it was off to work. The airports were crazy and we are three hours ahead here so I like went into the future.. weird. But yeah we spent the whole night with the mission president and then slept in this giant pension or house and it was looking over the city! The city is insane it is super ghetto! Like the poverty here was the first culture shock! and well the atmosphere is a lot different. Laws dont really exist here, people kind of do what they want! There are billboards of pornagraphic things on the highway and marijuana is legal so I smelt that everywhere we went.. after the first day with the president we had a quick meeting about some things and then we got a temporary assignment with a missionary and I went with an elder named Walker we were in Gran Catan.. look it up, I wish I could take pictures buuut if we are seen with  anything like a camera.. instantly robbed. It is crazy here sooo many dogs. I was attacked by a dog the first day and I kicked it as hard as I could in the face.. straight destroyed it and no one cared because that is normal here. Also there is sewage all over the side of the roads and trash like no one would believe. I am having major culture shock jaja My spanish is good, I feel confident talking and everything seems to be working out.
Just living in the straight GHETTO haha

also cars here are crazy too, I almost got hit like 3 times and there really is not limits or anything... you drive how you want here. The mission here is a lot more strict and obedient, hopefully I dont get sent home early I am afraid I am not obedient enough. Also have I told you how much walking we do... On sunday we walked over 20 something miles, soo much. My legs are going to be rocks!!! haha

So if I live through this, I will be a much more manly personI know it!!!
We had one lesson (our first lesson) and the girl looked at me and was like tiene una naranja I was like hmm what is naranja and then I remembered it means spider.. i had a huge spider on my tie because this house was so poor they had spiders the size of a golf ball.. I didnt scream but I punched it off hard. Then later when we where talking she screamed otra vez naranja and again A GIANT spider was in the same spot, I punched it and got it off.
But wow, this place is freaky a little bit.

Transfers where today and now I have a new comp, he seems really cool. We live in the middle of the city but our area is like gran catan and super ghetto (we live outside of our area) villegas  I cant remember our zone name though.
We have the temple in the mission.Its by the airport and this zone that I am in is like 15 minutes from the temple!!! Tengo SUERTE :D

I am so excited! I love it here... and kind of hate it. I see now HOW INCREDIBLE lucky we are to live in the USA holy cow! They told me that buenos aires is the nicest city in sudamerica but wow thats all I can say. if this is the best then.. wow.

I love you guys be safe and take care! i will try to survive here!

CON AMOR, mitch!

Thanks to you guys for all that you do!
I think it will be hard to send pictures here in argentina. there is not a lot of really nice computers to hook up to, Im in a cyber cafe thing and well.. its really sketchy and ghetto. but I am trying to take pictures when i have the chance..



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