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Sunday, July 20, 2014

April 21, 2014

Well,  Happy late Easter :)
     I am pretty jealous, I thought about spare rib and well... sleeping on a Sunday. It was a glorious dream/thought but we just worked like normal, and had a super long week. My companion is great, a little crazy the drugs have left him with some... effects and well he struggles with some things. But hey we all struggle and I'm thankful to be with this crazy old man haha This transfer is my hardest for sure because well, things are just hard. I never want to talk bad, soo Its just an obstacle to tackle and then keep moving forward! 
      I haven't had chocolate, but this week was the birthday of my Comp and so I treated him to Ice cream... It was GLORIOUS!  

     We have been dealing with so many churches, for Pascua (Easter) all the churches are out and about and well, I don't know why they all see our tag and want to Bible bash, luckily we can shut them down with love and move on! haha But yea I saw this one thing the other day, it was a bunch of people walking in the street with torches and like 10 people in these black costumes de like the Ku Klux Klan holding a giant cross with a person on it, and a truck in front with speakers with like people singing really sad mourning music... It was like a really sad mix of a funeral and halloween... it was intense.
      Also we have bikes... they are PRETTY beat but we took them out one day, and fua I almost died, I'm getting pretty argentine bobbing and weaving through traffic! Then we also had days where we ran A TON! I'm getting in pretty good shape as far as running, I'm like straight pocahantos... I run for DAYS!!! but asi es la vida.

     I think its important for us to remember that we can always use Christ in our lives. I thought about the atonement and how lost people can be, but through repentance we can get rid of it all, and of a real understanding of where we should be. Every person can change but it first takes the step to recognize it. In fact the 5 steps of repentance are, 1. Recognize your mistake, 2. Feel bad for what you did, 3. Confess to God or someone in the church who can help you, 4. stop doing it, leave your sin in the past, and 5. Fix what you have done, restore everything you have damaged.

Easter is a day to re align our lives with that of the Lords Will, and how great it is to not have guilt, or question your life... its pure PEACE! peace on earth, how great would that be huh.

     I am sad I'm not with the family, but I am so grateful for all you have done to help me repent and be were I am now.. I miss you. You have no idea, I don't know what I did right to be born with you guys in Nuevo Mexico but wow. I now see.
     God needs me here and for what purpose I never know.. ever, but I will be the tool and if I'm just a nail in the lords hand I will take as much of a beating as necessary and maybe I can help put in place more of the Lords love for someone else. 
I love you all, I'm glad you are striving to fix things and bettering at the same time, stay close to the framework of the church don't doubt anything and then you will be okay...always! 

Happy Easter... save me an egg haha  I love you and the Lord loves you! 
Mitch! :)


Ps mom, do you have the bishop's email and brother larsen's? I want to write them!
Tell Mark and Chuck Webb and Bro Moeller I say hi!  Love you!!!!!


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