"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, July 6, 2014

April 7, 2014

     Hey we dont have anytime because we are going to look for a camera, but we have transfers today. This week was pretty slow, we havent found anyone real new. Lots of people that listen but dont want to do anything. We went to conference, it wasnt the same like in Utah. But... they had the stake center full and a little room with a little bity tv that showed it in english... It was like 3 missionaries haha, I learned so much. It made me home sick, but even more pumped to do the work. I love it here! Its hard everyday and those quotes dont even explain how tough it is. If it was just walking thats fine, but this is pure mental. I can feel myself going into a mode of pure work. I hope you guys learned a lot. Did you here the shout out from Elder Ballard about Buenos Aires? He came like... a month ago, but its because God trusted me in the BEST MISSION IN THE WORLD! Other then Salt Lake haha, :)
     Transfers are always tough, we are all wondering what is going to happen. Im still in villegas, its been more then 6 months I think. I only have 2 areas in my mission. I dont know what that means that I stay in areas for long times... I heard that its a goood thing, but hmm maybe the president just doesnt want me to ruin other areas haha :) Its starting to get cold here, but like a different cold, a wet cold. You cant defend yourself. I was walking and it was freezing... but I was like sweating. I dont understand this bottom of the world thing.
     I saw some wild turtles... and they were really aggressive. Another dog bit me, I think its like the 3rd time! I deserved it, I hopped a fence and SURPRISE! haha I take contacting serious, but that was kind of funny
     We have baptisms set for April, but I feel like Im going to leave, soo thats sad. If Im close I can go still visit that baptism! I think It will be good to experience something else, Im super tired of walking in mud everyday. Villegas is a little different than Argentina and like a whole new world compared to The States. Thats why Im going to try and get some pictures!!!!     
     WOOOHOO, oh heres a story, Mom... I ate Cat! I almost forgot, we went on divisions or splits and I went to another area, and this bolivian family asked if we wanted some noodles and chicken. I was like okay sounds good. We waited and there was a ton of kittens running around, then when we got the food I was eating it.. it was goood, but different and the bones where weird, but I ATE IT ALL! And then after me and my comp for the day we felt weird, also there where little bitty organs and we were like fua hermana it was awesome thanks, where did you get your chicken I havent had something like that, is it a type from Bolivia? She smiled and told us that it was cat.... LIKE WHAT THE FETCH! Are you kidding me... But it was good, at least It didnt taste bad. haha
     But thats all I can write today! Ill let you know what happens with all the transfers, and let me know what President Carter says... lets see if he speaks good about me haha Love you!!! 

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