"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, March 15, 2015

January 19, 2015

    So this week was INSANE!!! I don't have pictures because I lost the card to transfer pìctures... so one day. Also, let me tell you, this Wednesday we got a call at like 11 saying we had a meeting with the mission president and the stake president. We had to be there in 2 hours and the traveling was like a ton of time... so we book it back to the pension and got on some suits, we fly to the offices and while we were waiting we were told we were going to get a new companion,,,, One elder had his area closed and needed a companion, so we have been in a trio this week, with an Elder Lyman. He's from Oregon... interesting elder. Trios are a little more difficult but It was fun. Now today he's going to a new area. The thing that was difficult was that we have two beds.... so I made like a bed of the few thin blankets we have and slept on the floor.... I'm excited to have my bed tonight, but yeah. We also had a division, in which I stayed in my area, and I received a really young elder from Spain and Elder Lyman. It was an intense day, we taught all day and found some great people and one less active family is now going to get married :D so it was a great division, but it was like super intense. I felt like a little bit babysitter and then like in charge of the area and the zone.... I didn't die, it made me much stronger!!!! 
     WE have one lady that we have been helping quit smoking and she is going to get baptised this next weeeeekkkk IM STOAKED super excited! It feels like toooo long that I haven't helped someone into the waters of repentance!!! 
     Sean wrote me and wow... hes like.. done. TIME HAS FLOWN BY!!!! unreal. I'm scared of even thinking about going into the world... the worldly world. I'm going to be... super awkward, I'm just now getting to be what I think is an okay missionary. 
     DO your noche de hogar,,, FHE tonight and always remember the Lord and his example, learn it, apply it, become it!!!
                                                      I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL   Elder Woods

 MOM EAT A BURGER AND FRIES IN MEMORY OF ME,,,,,,,,, IM SOOO HUNGRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! But yeah, its crazy also if you want to improve your relation with Christ and understand who he is more... you should read Jesus the Christ...its phenomenal. :) I love you mom

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