"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, March 22, 2015

February 16, 2015

     I hope you all understand that I want to write but I have no time ever because I am doing like a million things on the computer... I actually today had to fill out some paper for the flight home.... weird.
      But this week has been good we have been doing a lot of divisions and finding tons of people. We don't know why but the Lord just poured tons of blessing on us. This next weekend we have a baptism of two people and then after we have a girl named Jimena going to get baptized. We also have another guy who went to church this week and is going to get baptized in march... he smokes,,, but that can be changed.
     Also the recent converts here are awesome... I just read a scripture today in Corintios 9:24.... It talks about getting the prize... But not in a competitive prideful way... but in race against all that is evil. I thought about a podium and how out of everyone few really do finish and achieve the prize... and then I thought of Mathew when it says.. many are called (to the challenge) but few are chosen (to receive the prize). Blessings are so seldom easy to receive, true happiness is a course, and it comes from dedicated obedience and endurance, overcoming all obstacles...
     This week will be a good one. We have some more divisions planned and we will go with the assistants, so that they can train us more... I'm excited. The church is true! I know I need to CHANGE a ton of things, still it is awesome the way we learn from the things that push us.
     I miss you guys too, and washing machines... and food. and other worldly things that really don't bring true happiness. That's why I know that the Lord's will is all one needs. Its true, when you have less, you can have more. I truly believe the Lords kingdom will be filled with people who had nothing in this life, because I know here the Church of Jesus Christ is full of humble men and women... Build your treasures in heaven.
I love you all!!! Pray that we always have people to accept this gospel.

Elder Woods

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