"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, March 15, 2015

January 12, 2015

     So this weeek has been intense but awesome. I had divisions with the assistants and I learned a ton. We found some people to teach but the problem here is that everyone smokes or isn't married So we continue in the search. The area is difficult but we just need to start a small flame here and then we will see the forest fire take place we are going to make miracles :)
     It is weird to think dad that we are on the final stretch of 2 years. Its been never ending but at the same time super fast. I talked with the president this week, I don't know if he has called you or what but because my return date was like a week before I entered the mission I'm able to extend. So we talked about it and If everything works out Ill be getting home now on June 3rd which really isn't a big difference, but when will I be able to serve and work in the mission field of Argentina any other time... I wanted to get a job and work... but I thought and I'm going to prioritize the Lords work over my own. I'm just like a bad penny you cant get rid of me jaja I'm the missionary that wont die!!!!
     But this week was fun we had a zone conference and we made some home made nioquis. They are like potato noodles... sooo good. But the word Caseros, which is our name, it means home-made in spanish... I don't understand why its named that but we have been focusing how everything is homemade in the hands of the Lord and we just need to follow what He's told us to have it come out in his own special way.... always putting in the secret ingredient of LOVE .... you better believe we are loving everyone here... jaja But I think its true If we convert ourselves first mom, we will be able to convert others... Its something I learned in the mission. I came here not really knowing why I came, but now I see the whole world differently, what really matters, what things I need to be careful of. and ultimately it sounds weird but how to be a father and guide a family back to God. Which if we think about it, if we are slowly progressing to be like God and he is the best father of all... it makes sense that I would learn that jaja.
     We are working with a girl who is a recent convert from a while ago and she started dating another member and well now she is pregnant...they are both sad, and I thought wow if this kid just understood how God sees us and his expectations. I look at the difference between them and then Hailey and Blake and like One family is welcoming a baby with love and bright futures while the other looks at the baby as a punishment and looking at the baby as something that will take away from their future! I realized that the two sins that are more serious are killing and sexual sins... because the both deal with life... taking a life irresponsibly or bringing one into the world.... Life is SO precious... and now I'm slowly understanding a little more.

But I'm good, Loving life and just TIRED ALLLLL DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY We have to give all to the Lord every moment good and bad...and that's how we will become as He is. I invite you all to think of a list of things that you can "GIVE to the Lord" and see how he will perfect you even more! Les amo siempre, son los mejores del universe, que sigan y sean obedientes al nuestro padre celestial:)   Elder Woods   PS We had to pay for two houses so I was enjoying all da money!!!!

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