"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 4, 2015


     I think you all should call the offices... jaja I did get told something about four corners regional airport... or something like that... I should get home like the 2nd ..por ahí no sé.. and yeah...
( Mitch arrives home on June 2nd. He will be flying into Farmington at 12:50pm)
     As for what you should bring... um all that it says... a good jacket... like it doesn't matter what they say... bring a good black jacket... good shoes.. like good leather... good soles. shirts.. more short sleeve. SLEEPING BAG... believe me... houses here don't have heating.. they are bricks.. and sleeping bags save lives. but yeah.. just bring what it says.. jaja
(A friend's son just got called to the same mission)

T    his week was good, we found 20 new investigators... TALKING WITH EVERYONE!!! We are teaching a ton, and from our work a married couple and a young man of 18 and a girl of 14 went to church... it was stake conference and the Elder Zapallos came.. who just recently spoke in conference it was powerful and they all have dates for baptism now... we hopefully can see some miracles here. The area hasn't baptized in.. a while. Other then that we are just trying to fix a bit of the mentality of the members. They think that the missionaries are here to be best friends and just hang out with them, and well the sacredness of the calling isn't really recognized... we are going to change that. I have offended so many members, for just wanting to be obedient.. Like how will our investigators learn obedience to the Lord if the members don't even know?

     This final stretch is LOCO but I'm enjoying it. It's a good challenge as Ammon says, to prove to this people the power of my God! I'm excited to go home, but afraid. I fear I will lose the spiritual high at which I find myself. I see too often that missionary's return... and are almost the same. I desire to be a new man, a different person. I think that is just weighing the most on my mind... wondering if I really made the change and was converted as I had desired. But the world is full of changes, and we accept changes and change fast! 

     You made me think of a talk called, ¨beware of Pride¨ It talks alot of comparing ourselves to others.. I don't believe that we ever need to compare ourselves to others, but we must look to the only one who actually is perfect.. If we forget others and solely focus on comparing ourselves to Jesus Christ... and what we can change to be more like him.. I think that is what God meant when he said be like him. 

    But really that's all I have. The week was good, some days I'm overwhelmed with thoughts of home, and other days, I don't even think about anything other then building the Lords Kingdom. 

I love you all and will talk to you soon. This Sunday, I'm going to call.

Les amo y les espero lo mejor! Nos hablaremos pronto! Un abrazo fuerte! 

PS.. I knew Elder Wiggins really well.. hes a great kid! 

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