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Sunday, May 17, 2015

April 27, 2015

Dear Family......
Well it seems that I can´t escape... I'm back in Gonzales Catan... but this time in a different area... this is.. like the most dangerous area of the mission..... I never thought I would say it.... but I have been in da hooood for tooo long! I'm going to come back like a Vietnam vet.... haha 
God did not want me to take pictures... ever.
(Note from mom: We haven't received pictures for almost 4 months. I was beginning to think camera #2 had been borrowed!)
No but its a good area, I'm with a companion, from Chile. He is called elder Ponce. He's a good elder just starting out, and doing good things. This area has not baptized in a... while. but we are going to baptize this next month... I'm sure! We found a girl and she went this sunday and we found a guy... AND HE WENT THIS SUNDAY... miracles..
But no I'm enjoying every minute of every crazy thing that happens and the even not so crazy, little spiritual moments... The mission is great, I'm tired a lot but this is maybe the most important thing I have ever done... I dont know why people dont extend.
As for where I should come in... Im thinking Albuquerque... from what they told me. The Trek is really awesome, I want to go camping when I get home, that will be fun... But no.. not a lot of news... in my old area there was a few baptisms. and they are going to baptize more of the families we were working with... SO many blessings. 
But no... other then that I'm just getting to know the area, and we are going to make it incredible.. always leave a place better then how you found it, right? 
But I love you all and hope that you keep us in your prayers! We always need them! 
Love Elder Woods

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