"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Monday, August 5, 2013

July 15, 2013

So the library is super busy and our time is almost over, 
I got on and then this kid like told me he had reserved that computer so I was like fine. So after he made me get off I realized he hadn't and he went somewhere else to play video games on another computer. I'm trying to have love in my heart but I want to straight destroy this kid from taking my email time! haha
Anyway for P-day we are going to Temple Square with a member. The same one that called you, they are really awesome! She begged to call you so I gave her the number but I told her I wan't going to say anything. Trying to still be a little obedient haaha But yeah she is moving to Mexico and has never been so we said we would go with her.

 Hopefully we will have some time to play soccer after... I love soccer soo much, Marah was right with the choice. Things are good here, it's kind of hard finding new people since all we can do is teach the spanish speakers. which there is a lot but not a lot want to have the lessons, are field is still white and ready to harvest it's just really mexican and smaller than the other fields haha. Tell dad he's dropping the ball and I didn't see an email. What the heck!
So this next two weeks we should at least have 2 baptisms, we have 4 on date to be baptized these two weeks. Only time will tell. I'm excited! I have been really, really homesick lately. Last night was the first time I think I have really cried because of spanish. I have been feeling really frustrated with the language. With my personality I want to talk to everyone, tell stories and listen to them. I really can't do any of that how I want and it is destroying me slowly from the inside out. I know I got called to speak spanish because I can, but I feel so far down the road from that goal that it's somewhat depressing me. Things are pretty good here, stressful all the time and hard. BUT very good. I love you guys so much, It was good to at least hear your voice. Don't forget me! :)
LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!
~Elder Woods~

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