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Monday, August 5, 2013

July 29, 2013

"Hey dad,

So what's up on your side? estoy esperando por mi visa... still. I am trying to not let it frustrate me, but the people here are so annoying with visa waiters, they treat me like I have no soul. It's so frustrating, I just want to go to Argentina, I'm trying not to let it interfere with my work ethic, but I feel depressed. We had three baptisms this last week, it was really cool. Then we have one for this next week, and like 10 progressing investigators for this next transfer... so that looks really promising. Spanish destroys my confidence everyday, and I've been praying more than ever. I just want to know the reason I got called to be Spanish speaking and in Utah to do it. The Lord makes no sense to me lately. haha I've heard of people taking as long as 6 months to go to Argentina, so I'm just trying to "endure to the end" with a smile! When I get back I can't wait to speak Spanish with you! :) hopefully I can get it down on my side though, I am slowly noticing more and more in what people are saying and I can say more and more, so it's cool seeing it grow. But some things don't click as fast as I want and I'm just praying for the day when without thinking I hear Spanish and it is as familiar as English! That will be such a glorious day!

  I got to see Elder Uchdorf at the parade thing on the 24th that was super cool. This week has been pretty good, but now things are just slowing down for the start of the second transfer here. (every 6 weeks) is when they change areas/companions/anything else really. Since I'm being trained, It usually takes 12 weeks or 2 transfers, but I don't know, the president here seems unpredictable. We find out tuesday so everyone is kind of nervous as to what is going to happen.  I really hope things are going good at home... my far away home haha. You and mom get along and send me pictures or something! I hope Marah is being good and that everything is running "relatively" smooth :)

Love and miss you all everyday!


I don't have like anytime, I spent it writing to dad, so I hope you like what I wrote him :) I love you mom, I hope that your doing good. because I might die here and I want you to be able to handle the loss of the most faith driven son on the earth! haha

PS: work on the blog, I check up every now and then and someone has been slacking! haha Tell Hailey and Blake, they suck at writing me! Also Tell grandma she is awesome, check on Beba and Bill to see if they are still living the life, and also call Honey Farley. She is the best! She sends me stuff every now and then, it's really sweet so make sure to tell her thank you from me! PSS: Call up Joy Fieldstead and see how she is doing. Just let me know what is happening in the world! PSSSSS Hopefully Dallon Harmon is going somewhere without visas... They are the DEVIL! haha love you!!!!

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