"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Monday, August 5, 2013

July 8, 2013

So I am going to write both you and dad,

Tell dad to keep writing me though because I love both your emails! :) Sometimes boring things like just sitting and watching fireworks are perfect. I feel like I never have time to myself, I take like 6 hour showers so that I can be alone. I feel like we never stop working, which for me is super intense. Especially for me since I love to just, you know, be lazy. That doesn't really exist here, It's tough. I am getting a little better with spanish, but.. It's really hard for me and frustrating since I am not patient. I like it here a lot but It's weird. The other day I thought how weird it was that this isn't really where I will be for the whole mission. It is weird to think I am going to be in Argentina at some point, because this seriously feels like my mission.. It's all I have ever known. Dad told me you went and watched World War Z, haha he didn't explain it, how was it? Also you need to watch Superman, I have heard it is better then Batman and if that is true, it is maybe the best movie ever made. Other then Warrior haha

So that dog.. We let her out again, the day I sent the email on Friday and it started to rain like 7 at night so we went to check on her and let her in.. only problem no freaking dog was in the yard. She destroyed this plant and dug out AGAIN!!!!! We did the same thing, we went in the kitchen knelt down and prayed. Only thing was.. none of us cared if the dog ever came back. That dog is EL DIABLO! We all hate her haha so we went out and for like 2 hours searched. It got to the point where just telling the Garcias their dog was gone forever seemed better then looking for her. We finally found her and exercised all the Christ like charity we had to not beat that dog. haha But they came back from Mexico and bought us wristbands and shirts. So that was super nice of them. I think they felt bad. Their daughter texted us and was freaking out because she got like 4 messages about her dog missing. Oh and the second time she didn't have tags, because the first time she ran away the family that found her ripped the tags off trying to catch her. She is like Scout but 10x worse. no joke!
(note from Mom: Scout is our really naughty dog!)


And Dad:  I hope you and mom get along while Marah is away, let me know if it's weird being by yourself for so long. It's going to be really weird when she leaves the house, luckily you have Jake.. I miss that dog. Maybe you can adopt a little argentine baby.

But since everyone is gone and mom is super relaxed and not messy I don't think you ever have to worry about messes again.

I don't have much more to say, this week has been pretty slow, but we had 4 investigators come to church. One bore his testimony, and one told us he wants to be a missionary.. but we had to tell him he's too old. (he's 32) haha he's so solid! I love the work!

Also buy the Vocal Point CD I don't know it's name but it is just church songs the last song, is nearer my God to thee. BUY IT. It's magical. I kid you not.

Love you Muchisimo!


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