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Monday, August 5, 2013

July 22, 2013

So mom, Como le va? (how's it going)

Well. any vacation is a good vacation, I wish I could take one, but yeah. They hate me here haha  Tell Grandma, I say hi, she hasn't sent me an email in awhile so I need to know how she is?

My spanish is mejorando (bettering) and as for your questions they both speak english. (note from mom: I asked if his companions spoke English) One is from Florida and is fine, the one from Argentina, haha he like is how I am with spanish. He spent 10 months serving in Buenos Aires North waiting for a visa for the USA, and so he has had like 10 months to learn English. He's pretty good. But some things, A LOT of things are just a little off, so he sounds funny in English. So he's always asking me how do you say this? and I am always like como se dice esta? which is the same thing.
Together we are an unstoppable english/spanish duo!

I got your package of food. The Jerky... GLORIOUS!!! It made me sooo happy I almost cried. 
 Also Tell marah I loved her letter!
Life is good here, this saturday we have 4 people on date! So yaay! That will be a busy Saturday! but I am excited. I finally feel a little more accepted into the ward, but it's pretty hard when I stand out soooo much! I've been also teaching so much more in spanish. So that is always good. Some people fell off date, and that is the worst feeling, having people that just don't follow through or don't work how you expect it! haha

I have to tell you a quick story. So we have a joke about our companionship that says, many are called, but 3 where chosen. So we want to make a shirt that has a "special Picture" with that quote and the verse Jacob 4:6 which talks about having enough faith to command the trees, mountains, and rivers. Which I truly believe we have! One day we where out walking ALL DAY, we walked like 20 miles that day, no joke.  We where soooo hot, like about to die. We were by a Maverick gas station, but none of us had any money! none! All I had was my Book of Mormon, a few papers, and like some post its. (how great is my faith!!!) and so Elder Verges is like maybe we should go to the maverick and we will recieve a (hook-up) or someone will buy us a drink. Elder Tapia was like I was thinking the same thing, they asked me, what sayest thou Elder Woods. I was like I don't know If I recieved the same thought but I have faith in you, that you have recieved a prompting. So I said let us say a prayer, I prayed for us to excercise our faith and also to find someone to teach. 10 seconds after my prayer, a woman comes running out screaming, Elders i'm not mormon, but I really need some help with my life.. or in other words, BAPTIZE ME! haha unfortunately I wasn't specific in my prayer because she wasn't spanish speaking so we had to give her to some other missionaries. Also we kept walking and we went into the Maverick, no money, super awkward and we just stood there. There was a guy with a ton of tattoos and he was finishing buying something, and that was all that was in there. Verges was like I'm going to go to the bathroom, and so he went in. Then when he was in the bathroom, this one guy comes back and starts to fill up some ice. he walks off. stops. and then turns to me, grabs me by the shoulder, and is like hey Elder, is it okay if I buy you guys some drinks. I looked at Elder Tapia, it was like we could hear ANGELS, and when Verges came out, I looked him in the eye and was like get yourself a drink, he smiled so big. So this guy bought us giant drinks, we leave the store talking to him and he's like you know what here, take this too, 20$ that we used to help with an investigator. I truly believe we commanded the trees that day! haha

This is the one we will use for the shirt!!! "Many are called, but 3 were chosen" Jacob 4:6 haha

But yeah all is good here, just don't forget me!
Love you!!! Mitch

P.S I attached what I wrote to dad so you can fully see what is happening!
Hey dad,
Thanks for the email! I did get the charger and I was soooo happy! One guy we lived with was like who do you know from Indiana, and I was like ummm... Maybe Jared Rogers, but then I opened it and I was overwhelmed with love! I knew it was you since your the online guru haha

Our P-day is actually wednesday this week, because of Pioneer Day. We are going to down town SLC to do street contacting during the Pioneer Day parade. So that will be like a few hours and then we will have a few hours to prep for the week and then we have to start teaching again at 6 that night. Like what the devil, give a man a freaking day off! the LORD HIMSELF had a day of rest! I just hate how many times they have changed our P-days, I like a little consistency in my life!

We have new presidents, and soo, I'm not to sure how I feel about them. They are a little too old fashioned for me. The wife, or Sister Hansen is her name, is like so much different then me it's ridiculous... Now I am a suave man, and I am respectful and I feel like I can be fairly classy. My etiquette is also not bad. But this women, holy cow (santa vaca) she is like so intense, we had a zone conference were she talked to us and made us like "role play" etiquitte, EVERY TIME a women stood up, the men had to stand up and wait for her to leave or to stand up. Also everytime a women entered the room. Also we always pulled chairs out and got them food. Now I'm all for treating people right, but if women want the same equality then they better lose the mentality that men are here for slavery! She is sooo intense too, she was talking to me and asked me a question, so I answered "ya" she was like do you mean yes? and I was like um.. ya? and she asked again and I was like I said yes, so she answered with. "NO YOU DID NOT, you responded with a lazy response of ya, not yes" It was that moment that I thought me and her might not see eye to eye haha hopefully she doesn't destroy me. There are a million more stories like that but, you get the point.

Also I wish I could go on vacation, I was doing laundry and I was in normal clothes, it felt soooo nice. I was like How weird will it be when I can wear normal clothes everyday.
Also Lately with all the latin culture I have grown a new love and respect for how important families are, I miss you guys a ton and am thankful for everything you have taught me.

Also let's just pretend that the Visa is never coming, because... haaha I have no clue what those Argentines are doing with it!

Love you, Mitch!

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