"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 5,2013

"Como le va padre?  (how's it going)
So I was actually thinking the other day that Marah would probably be starting school, which is really weird because she wasn't even out when I left... those poor children in the governments school system it's like they only get two months off. I say it every year but I feel like summers are getting shorter and shorter every year. Poor Marah.

Also about the golf, the other day I met some kids on the street coming back from high school golf practice. I had the revelation, if I was as driven as I am now with missionary work with golf, I would be a pro! haha

I also thought about jake. I really miss dogs. (our dogs) I think I might break the rules and get a pet dog. I know in Argentina there are so many I can probably adopt one on the street, also about the visa.... I've just decided to plan on it being 8 months. I'm not kidding, I think this way I will be able to focus more on the work here and not when I'm leaving. The longest I think I've seen argentine visa waiters here is like 6 months but I'm setting on 8 just to be safe. All is good in the hood as they say, I'm not to worried about it.

We had another baptism this last week, and it was awesome. It was this little girl about 14 and she has had soooooo many hard times, that frankly I am surprised she even listened to us. The people when they are baptized get to pick who they want to baptize them, and she picked me! It was sooo nice it finally made me feel like I am here for a reason I love that girl, and It's weird how much you find you care for people until you help or serve them. I was thinking how it would be 3 months today and It's gone so fast. I really don't know if I want the mission to end. I think I will do a son of mosiah mission for like 14 years. haha but yeah, I have been here for a month and a half and I have 4 baptisms under the belt, also we have another guy we are teaching getting baptized this saturday. We are harvesting the field. My goal before the mission was to push my self to have 35 baptisms throughout the mission. I have changed my goal to 107. I really believe I can do it. 107 because my trainers goal is 106, and though I respect him. I want to finish the mission knowing I left the world even a little better than Elder Verges haha I don't just think of numbers but of what the numbers mean. The numbers just help me strive to work harder. I have learned that there are thinks that don't happen so that we can make others happen.  We fail 80% of the time but the 20% we don't is beyond worth it!

 This is Rosie! :) The baptism sounded like this.. "Rosilda sarah delgado Reyes habiendo sido comisionado por Jesucristo yo te bautizo en el nombre del Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espirtitu Santo, amen" and I didn't even mess it up! YEAH

I don't know if it's how people look at their dads but I have lots of time to think at night (well not a lot, but enough) and I can't think of a better worker and more capable guy! You will never hear me say this in person, but a lot of what I inspire to be is like you! You have trained me well! :) I also think of how when I return we are going to wrestle and how I will finally destroy you!!! I do 400 pushups a night with that goal in mind!! haha You better train!
I really miss Connie mack, it makes me sad not being home for summer.. But it sounds like Midland will win again... freaking midland. How's the Puerto Ricans doing? Elder Tapia wants to know! How was the Sunday fast? We fasted too, I thought I was going to die. I don't know how much I weigh, but I think it might be like 100. I'm not sure. haha
Love you dad! Your the best! I'll talk to you next week... or maybe if I have time I'll write a letter! Those are usually nice! :)
                              Elder Woods! (Elder Bosque= forest. or Elder Madera=wood) I have a lot of names now... sometimes it's just elder ooz haha"

Mother! :)

I got Keely's package... it was awesome. Lot's of candy. We all ate it like.. an hour later.    Marah sounds busy. I always told people she would be the most successful out of the children. I will just live off the success of Hailey and her haha I'm pretty sure I can destroy anyone in futbol! The ninos call me blanco fuego. or Delos del Sol (toes of the sun) haha

I think you live a good life, I am actually sitting in the library and I read some little kid books and I was super grateful, for the time you spent with me! So thanks for living a kinda less exciting life.!!! Thinks are busy here, just lessons and service. My muscles are huge, marriage will not be hard for me in the future. so don't worry about that, she might be brown though. I can't decide if I'm going to marry a latin woman. I think yes. Carlos will be my God father. haha Also I am going to come back and baptize every catholic. because quite honestly I am tired of hearing, "soy catolico" these people don't even know anything about the catholic religion, but if your born mexican you are born catholic I guess, sooo. With as much love as I have, catholisism is really killing me. ha How are you doing, tell me more about yourself and your feelings about... life :)

I'm pretty much doing the same thing everyday... oh yeah and transfers, I am still with Tapia and Verges!!! YEA!!! We are going to "kill" Verges this is his last transfer and then he's going to Argentina! maybe we will be on the same plane! Yo deseo (I wish)

Love you all! Your the best mom ever!

PS. Have a great day!

PSS Don't feed the family the green bean casserole.
Love, ME

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