"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, September 15, 2013

August 12. 2013

So I have no time to write this week :( because we had a temple trip today, we went to Salt Lake City, It was awesome. but it took forever because we take the train back and forth, and yeah... we missed it by like 3 minutes and had to wait another hour, and then it took forever to get here since we had no car from the train station. So... I have very little time. I just want you to know I'm alive.

Everything is good, we had another baptism last saturday, with a guy named Luis Alverez he is sooo cool. I don't know if I described him, but next week when I can get a camera I will send you his picture and explain. He has a funny story! But yeah, we have 4 more people on date! YEAH!!! You are right though dad, I think allot of how you where and I never give up on people, or at least try not to. Numbers aren't everything, but for some reason, we are being super successful, so I just get excited. I think a lot of it is Elders Verges and Tapia though. I am there for support haha! We have quite a few lessons in English though so I do plenty of work, plus my spanish is super good, or getting there. Just gotta keep working on it. Someone asked me today at the Temple what my favorite thing about the mission is.. and all I could think of is just the people. Seeing people change and loving the people. It's unlike anything else.

Also I think I have an ingrown toenail, it's really gross. I tried combating it and soaked my toe one night and then we took a knife and cut out the toe nail... It was like 75% success because it fixed it for awhile but now it's back and even worse, so I'm going to call our super intense wife of the president.. maybe she will cut it off herself I'm not sure. but that's like my biggest complaint right now.

We had to move a family that didn't know any English and then we had a lesson, so somehow I got left with the family (Dad) and they went to a lesson, and me and this guy lifted like the most furniture/television sets/workout crap. All by ourselves for like hours, I don't know what kind of lesson they had but it was a good one I guess.. haha it was really frustrating and awkward because I didn't know all he was saying and he was confused by what I was saying. It was crazy. but yeah, baptism by fire I suppose.

Tell marah Longboards are dangerous I have seen many die on them, also Know I love you guys sooooo much!



Ps: I like knowing there is a middle Childs Day haha

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