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Sunday, September 15, 2013

August 26, 2013

hahahaha first off! Put it all on the blog, mother! DANG! My life is uncensored! Because I tell it how it is! But yeah, the president and bishop are still making things really difficult, but, what can you do! In the book Preach my gospel, it has a chapter on "Christ like attributes" and I am trying to be a master of them all! One is patience and hope... so Hope is just having faith everything will work out for good, and patience is enduring while that time passes. SO I will try and be like Christ I guess. That's funny about anyone who things I was an example. They probably tell you that to make you feel good, I don't feel like I do much. It's actually a goal of mine to be a better example, even in the mission. I think I'm a little more hood/ghetto than some of these other missionaries. Dad told me about his calling... SUPER Funny I think the bishopric want him to experience all that I do, so that he can tell me what I am doing right and wrong! haha But that mission tag I left him... that might be useful ha! Now he just needs to learn spanish and we can talk about our stories! :)
Note from mom: Dad was called to be a ward missionary
So not too much happened this week, it's been a lot slower and we are having a hard time finding. Last week we found some new people to re visit this week, but only time will tell how that plays out! My spanish.. Well I had an hour long conversation with a woman from our ward at her house... that was cool, and pretty hard. I want the spanish to come NOW but it is, just not as fast as I want. Austin I believe gets home soon... So keep an eye out for him!!! Give him a hug from me! And as for my toes... yeah, they only actually did one, it hurt a lot and was really grows, they put like a cast thing on it and I worked one day in sandals and then thought it looked really dumb and took it off. I have some pictures of the cast but not the toe... you could not handle it. haha It's still nasty but I can work so that's what matters.

My trainer is almost done and well, he's kind of "dying" which means he just doesn't care anymore. But hopefully it doesn't get any worse. The end of Transfers are on Sep. 11. We went on that hike It was glorious!!! I have some pictures from that! I can't think of much more to say! We don't have a lot of time! We have an appointment and were dumb enough to schedule it on our P-Day ugh... Girls still don't write me. Go figure. I am becoming a master of the scriptures. Let's see what else. Soccer, I'm getting better. oh yeah! And the food here... I think I have been sick like every other day... This guy we baptized took us to a chinese restaurant and ordered this shrimp thing for us... I wish I had my camera. GIANT shrimp fully intact with it's face, eyes, legs everything just looking at me. You bite into it and the shell is still on. Like they just took a shrimp and threw it in a deep fryer. I was sooo sick that night. haha Elder Verges tells me that Argentina food is SO much better. I hope. But yeah. Life is good, work is work haha and I am getting huge from all these push ups I started doing last night. Mi barba (beard) is such a temptation because I want to grow it out   I'M A MAN!!! yeah!
ha Love you guys Muchisimo!

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