"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, April 12, 2015

February 23, 2015

    That family is awesome! They brought alot of family members, and they said they loved the church, and now we are going to try and teach them. Also we had some investigators go and see it and everyone left happy. It took the man David, who is 70, three times until he went completely under... he left laughing. Then when the member we had baptize him, was leaving, he hugged him and was like hey thanks for trying to drown me.. hes funny.
     But it was amazing, and now this weekend we are going to have another baptism of a young girl of 17 years, who told us she wants to prepare for the mission,,, she is already doing her personal progress!! She's awsome, and then we have some other great guys we are working with for the middle of march.... like we have been seeing some miracles lately..
     I'm good... just kind of skinny and tired, but I gotta sprint to the finish!!! I have been really thinking to much in the future, ITs weird, coming to the end. Sometimes, its like before the mission, the anticipation, and the fear, and its just getting closer each day... the time is flying by... and its just weird.
     We have some noche de hogares planned also for tonight, and they always help the family, soo good job for doing the Family home evenings. I bet you see some differences and the little blessings that doing the littlest things of obedience brings... Dont let the struggles get you down ever... just always remember that if we are obedient the rest is undoubtedly the Lords will. We just need to accept that will while doing all He asks... I love the scripture 1 Nephi 3:6
Everyone knows the verse 7... but the verse 6 I feel is just as important... read it and wonder how can we be highly favored by the Lord?... its corto pero dulce
I love you all and know that all will work out and I know if we are accepting his will we are happy and thankfull in every circumstance. 
                                                      :) Un abrazo fuerte      Elder Woods

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