"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 5, 2015

    This is the home strip (stretch ?), I'm super excited to work hard, I'M EXHAUSTED! I cant explain how much of not a leader I am. The new calling is unreal, we never have time for anything, like taking it slow cant happen if we want to achieve all of our goals... sooo wow. The area is a tough area but if an area baptizes or has success I believe depends a lot on the missionary... so we are going to harvest the success the Lord has planned for us. We have done a billion divisions with other Elders and wow its like I'm a traveling elder, This zone is real city, like Buenos Aires is huge and I've gotten to know a little but not all... its impossible... and for all my mission I have been like outside of it or in like the outskirt ghetto... and now I am like a kid with no clue how to work...its a whole lot different here. I assume I will finish my mission here and I want to leave the area better than how I have found it. That is my goal. We are teaching a few families. One is an older woman who wants to get baptized and is on date for the 24th but she needs to stop smoking! She's going to do it, then we have a little kid who loves the church and goes with his grandparents, he wants to be baptized the 17th and then we have one young woman, who also is praying and reading and going to church with the goal for the 17th.... sooo We have good plans for this month! I'm glad you guys passed the new year happy and tranquil
      Funny story we spent new years with a group of elders on a high-rise building and watched fireworks.... I have a good video... but then when we came back the next day there was a guy, I think we has drunk... but completely naked... like 75 years old... in front of our house... I was like what... is... this... turns out he was sick, because when we got closer we realized he was using the bathroom... haha right on our porch.... Argentines really know how to start the new year right! haha Also we played soccer against the elders of the Mission office, like the assistants and secretaries.... and we beat them.. so also I'm batting 1000 with my soccer winning haha :) 
     Basically things are good. I have never ever thought I would die from exhaustion like I do now... but I feel like I'm close to seeing a miracle, so we will keep pushing :)
                                                 I love you all!!!  Elder Mitch Woods

Life is a game we start on earth....
and end in heaven... just keep hopping

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