"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, April 12, 2015

March 2, 2015

     Well, I have a few things of business, the debit card still works, and the BAPTISM WENT GREAT!!!!  We are going to see if we can get another for this month!! I dont know how the Lord is blessing this area a ton, it is a hard area but like... lately we are seeing miracles!!! The family that got baptised last week, we had a lesson and they invited there family/daughters who have like 30 years o más and wow It was great I feel like they are going to get baptised also... MIRACLES. we will see though. Also for Marah 
Sooo yeah, Im exausted we are coming up to the next transfer in a week, and then it will just be two transfers mas... but my body knows that It should be ending in this next transfer.... ITs going to be a mental battle.. I feel like if I can endure to the end here.. then I can do it in the life hereafter. As for getting a call to BULGARIA,,, voy a orar por él that language... will be like locura, but thats were the Lord will use him to plant seeds and harvest the work! Im excited to see more miracles!
 The life is like a race... 1 Corintios 9:24    We will obtain the prize!!! 

I love you all, espero que estén cuidado y feliz. 
Un abrazo fuerte! 
Elder Woods
HEYYYY MADRE!!!! COMO ESTÁSSSS!!!!!!!!!!   Hey how is life? going ... up there :) do you miss me yet? I'm wanting to hit the ground running with work so with dad I need you guys to be looking for some good working oppurtunitis... :) sorry I'm putting you to work, but it would really help me out! and yeah... how is the home and Farmington? Someone looked my house up on google earth... and told me that it is like a house... and dirt... I saw the picture and wow... Nuevo Mexico, isss.. brown. like.... its just brown. haha 
Love you mom.
Thanks for all that you do mom, sos la mejor (your the best) :)
Give marah a good handshake from me for her birthday! 

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