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Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 6, 2015

     Sooo this week was awesome, we had investigators listening to prophets. I could understand English and Spanish, and well now I have some more answers to my questions in life.... As for my favorite talks... all of them were soooo good. There's one that talks to return missionaries and how to stay a full active in the life after the mission... ¨read the scriptures, every day, every day, every day¨ and well I loved the talk by Elder Holland and Elder Uchdorf...

BUT I loved one by the Elder Nelson... It talked about the Sabbath day...
     Now I want to talk about the difference between magic and Celestial Priesthood Power. Magic are things that entertain us for short periods of time and that are tricks and illusions. Priesthood power is the power of God given to man to provide marvelous changes in the human heart and life. The power given from God has no equal and may not be replaced by short tricks or illusions. Now I make the question... with which of the two would you like to fill your life with... and when? 
Would it make sense to put off the Lords divine influence for quick tricks and worldly entertainment... 

    I know that I have been in the mission for a long time, but I promise you that when I get home I will make it my first priority to watch those and listen to those who can provide me with  knowledge, reminding me of my true purpose and joy in this life. 

    I had a great Easter and we did nothing other then watch Conference and do all we could to bring others. I remembered that it is through Christ alone that death was conquered from the fall of Adam and Eve, and that through His suffering sacrifice of His life we may have life... But are we willing to make those sacrifices? Are we willing to give our time, for our heavenly father? 
My testimony has been strengthened and Now I will strive to grow my treasure in heaven before that of this world. 

I'm excited to see you all. This month we should have a few women make the choice of Baptism. 

The Church is True... don´t put it off for other things. Live obedient, keep the sabbath holy, and be true to the church of Jesus Christ. 

I have seen miracles, and know that Jesus Lives. I love you all and pray always that you may make the decisions that will bring true happiness! 

Love, Mitch... Elder Woods

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