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Monday, October 28, 2013

October 14, 2013

Well first off! HELLO!
How are you guys all doing, Things sound nice back home, some days I think of just coming back. but... Utexico is soo awesome. jaja..ja
I love the people and I love teaching (when we can teach) but latin people don't care about their own time and our time to them is like.. nada.

This transfer is almost over and I am a bit grateful. I really have not been too happy or motivated... some may call it depression. I don't know what to write about today! I am just working hard to find prepared people! Yesterday a guy came to church and a sister told me it was his first time, so I sat with him and he's 25 from mexico, I asked if this was his first time and he said yeah it was his first time going to church in awhile, so I was like are you a member? and he told me yes, but I had an overwhelming feeling of NO! I watched him and talked to him and later found out he had never been to an LDS church, so that was really cool and I was able to set up a meeting with him today at 1:30! So I pray that it will be something good.

Also Kathy the girl we took to conference, well we had a really good lesson with her and she is on date to be baptised this weekend! yaaay! It is so awesome seeing how much she has grown, she is a lot happier and it's like a mini miracle! Hopefully it all works out, one of the guys supposed to be baptised this last week, dropped us a few days before his baptism. I don't understand but from what I heard he works in construction and his coworkers where like making fun of his decision to join the church so now he  doesn't want to meet with us. We had been meeting for more than a year and never once was he uncomfortable with us and actually he loves us, he told us he liked us a lot when he dropped us. So that has been frustrating me a lot. Getting so close and just seeing everything fall apart. UGH! but I pray Kathy works if not... I'm coming home. haha jk.. kind of.

I Don't know what the deal is with the visa, I told you guys that it would be 8 months because I wanted to make an unreasonable goal so I would be happy if it came early. Now I am super upset and well, the visa.. It will never come. Salt Lake City will be my mission, It depresses me a bit, but that visa will never come. The church lied to me.
Im looking at it bad I know but I am just frustrated, Not my will but Gods will be done. I am just really hating the "will"  But things are good, I am good, please send some jerky up here... I love jerky. ALSO It is starting to get really cold her and since I assumed I would be in Argentina I don't have cold clothes I will try and endure. maybe find a jacket at DI until I leave. But dang these people and their tricks! Now I am going to freeze and DIEEEEEE!

Also here is a funny story, these two pretty girls where knocking on our door, so I was like "hey Elder Osborne get down here!" I was dressed up and I was like I wonder what these girls need... haha So I opened it and you know what they say to me... they say, "hi we are jehovas witness" WHAT THE HECK!

So they gave us the watchtower magezine and all the good stuff and I was open to it, it was really interesting! but as soon as I tried to share what we believe and how a lot is similar.. they were mean to me! and didn't listen, they read a scripture in Matthew about how all scripture is used for good and for the learning of men. I shared some scriptures like that and offered a book of mormon, because yeah they are right all scripture if it be from God is for our good. They told me they only need the Bible... and well things didn't progess so I gave them waters and told them have a good day. but, almost it was close, they were both latin but didn't speak spanish, so we couldn't teach them anyway :/ next time haha

But yeah that is my life as of the moment, trying to work, be happy and maybe have something to show for it. How is Marah doing... Tell her to start emailing me or when I get back she will recieve major punishment and destruction through my just wrath. haha

I love you guys a lot! I hope you are good in health and in your actions haha!

Call me my number is (801)-***-****     haha :)

Con amor, Mitch

I love you   Tell austin to freaking write me! and all my other so called friends that are no where to be found! hahaha Love you, again I repeat.. send jerky, my supplies are running low...

 Cafe Rio after zone conference

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