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Monday, October 28, 2013

September 16, 2013

So my companion is named Elder Hyrum Osborne, he is pretty cool.
ummm really mormon.
So we will see how it goes, it's not the same with out my other companions, I feel like I'm slowly drowning without them. So Things are really stressful and I've been sick for the past three days. But I think things will go good, we might not have the same success without a native speaker which will frustrate me a little, but I will learn something from this I'm sure. I am getting better with the spanish.. and my companion.. needs work haha but we will get it.
It has rained sooo much here, like everyday. It's nice though I don't mind.  I miss sunday night grilled food with a PASSION. I am starting to hate mexican food. Like it kills me from the inside out.
 But right now things are just going slow, I'm trying to figure out what to do, this guy looks at me wondering what to do. I'm just like I don't know either! I don't tell him that because I am trying to at least let him feel like we know what we are doing. It's crazyyy. We have had some people to teach and it goes fairly well, I am definitely seeing divine help with my language. But yeah, I miss my native speaking companions sooo much. I don't know too many crazy stories,
Elder Verges gave me a jersey from argentina right before he left. I might send it home for you guys to protect because I don't want anything to happen to it.. I treasure it so much! I miss you guys alot I started thinking this is the longest I've been away.. UGH. Also I started thinking, by the end of this transfer I will have 6 months under my belt and that Sean Farley almost has like a year... It hasn't felt like it's been that long!

I've met a lot of people. I don't know who all I have touched but.. Im trying.
Last night I had a dream in spanish... It wasn't as weird as I thought.. because I could kind of understand.. It was just like talking. It's a little weird when I think about it. But yeah. I will be here for conference probably and maybe we could see each other if you just happened to be there :) haha
but yeah, my toe is healing well which is nice. I am becoming more of a man everyday. So things are good. I hope Marah heals up! and that Hailey and Blake are successful with there plans! As for Delton WHAT THE HECK!!! (Mitch's friend Delton got married) that is awesome but so weird to think that the world outside of here is still happening and that people are changing so much :( I'm really sad I missed that. Ugh, I am missing everything too much. I need to stop thinking about it all. but yeah.

I really miss all you and hope that all is well. I Love you Dad, and I love you Mom!

Send me candy and more Jerky :) as for clothes... right now I'm okay! Thank you!

LES AMO!!!!!"

PS Mom I hope everything is going good at home. Keep up the good motherly work. I will buy you ice cream when I get back to celebrate your good mom-ness

Elder Osborne

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