"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Monday, October 28, 2013

September 30, 2013

I'm glad everything is good.

I am about to die I think from religious depression. I just want to accomplish great things but Its super hard right now. Me and my son (companion) are working but I am slowly losing desire to talk to these people. This language is destroying me so much. It's just not coming at the speed I want, I can speak it enough were people understand, but when they talk it's so frustrating because only 50% of the time I know what is being said. It's really hard to have conversations when you don't know what's going on.

Working with members is like the most efficient and effective way. Missionaries come and go but if an investigator has a fellowshipper that will be with them it will help them grow in a more comfortable way. Here we aren't allowed to "tract" because utah has so many members its easier to find with members, or so they say. BUT our members are really slacking and so we are trying to meet with them. But I still take my companion and tract because I hate just sitting around waiting for members to not be afraid and just share the things that they say they love! SHARE THE FRUIT PEOPLE dang!

We are working with a person to help them stop smoking weed and well we committed them to stop and test the blessings that they recieve and they straight up took all they had and gave it to us. It was a little weird leaving a lesson with all this paraphanalia haha but we destroyed it and hopefully that person stays good! but it was really cool to see how willng they were to just change. Thats the coolest thing is seeing peoples lives change! We don't have pictures yet, my companion doesn't take much and I really don't take much but I will try and correct that :)

I miss sunday night barbeque. and the eggs. Every sunday is not the same. In fact I can't wait till the day when Sunday doesn't feel like every other day.
It's weird how fast things seem to be going though, I remember perfectely what was happening this time last year. I'm pretty sure it snowed in Rexburg because it was like the 3rd day of october and there was snow there! I can't believe it's been a year since that! It's almost my birthday! too... like wow, I will no longer be in the teens. I feel like I'm 10 though. I look 10 too, these latins are always making fun of me because I'm skinny. They always say to me "Elder que es eso?" What is that? I reply "que esta diciendo, que es que?" what are you saying what is what? they say. "La cosa llevando su cabeza" The thing carrying your head.. I will act confused and they will be like "ay es su cuerpo jajajaja" OH ITS YOUR BODY HAHA

They tell me i'm flaco(skinny) and need to come mas (eat more)

I demand more respect, but I'm little and white, they don't respect nada!

haha but yeah, I think that is all I can remember, but I am doing... good. I want to die sometimes but I think that's normal. At least I don't have parasites haha
As for marah, I hope she heals. Tell her to write me! I love you guys

Love you dad, thanks for calling me Mitch! :) I still don't know if I like Elder that much.
It's a little weird.

Mom, you need to have more fun haha I love you, thanks for all you do, I hope you don't forget about me. I will call you when I get the visa.
Should be in a few weeks (I am guessing) but fingers crossed.

P.S Our mission president and his wife drive highlanders, they are like 1000000 years old, I've decided that car is an old person car ;)
(We are looking at getting a highlander. Guess we are old!)

Portase bien! Los amo muchisimo!


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