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Monday, October 28, 2013

October 7, 2013


So yeah we went to all the conferences! It was awesome and weird, I met a lot of people I knew which was awfull because It made me super homesick! I also saw Preston Nygren, he is engaged! It was so weird because I heard someone screaming MITCH!! MITCHELL!!! and I was like PRESTON, then he said are you still in the mtc, and I was like no! haha This is my mission. haha so weird being so close, but yeah two sessions we watched were in spanish... and that was crazy, It was weird not hearing the voices of the apostles or the prophet.

But yeah things are good here, a family made me eggs early yesterday because I told them about your eggs on sunday haha. I am trying hard and I'm super frustrated I feel a bit like a failure and my confidence is struggling! I wish you were here so you could just tell me what to do and I could just do that because I feel so lost without people guiding me. It's hard.

Also Im so happy you met Shawna and Jasper! How is their baby? I hope they are doing good, I love them! Tell them I say hola, and that they need to be good! haha
Also yeah, if I get shipped to argentina. I will call you, I will let you know! don't worry haha.
 I'm still just like half a day away...jaja

We only have two weeks left of this transfer and I'm pretty sure I'm either getting that dang visa or I am going to another area. But who knows maybe we will just get another person to train. but yeah, the work is tough but worth it! We are finding a lot but I am awfull with following up and really getting a good thing going. I'm not shy, I just sound funny and don't know what I'm doing haha.

Hailey, I have a letter I wrote for hailey last week but couldn't send it off until today,
tell her I haven't olvidado!

But yeah hopefully we have a few baptisms before the end of this transfer! Sorry no pictures I suck with taking pictures with me because I don't carry my camera everywhere with me!
 haha forgive me!!!

I love you guys a ton! hope your all okay!
November 8th will be 6 months can you believe dat! LOCO

I'm thinking I might ask the president in Argentina to extend. I don't know if he will let me!
but that is my plan.
I love the work! I love and hate spanish. And I love you all!

cuidense mucho! los amo muchisimo!

No puedo escribir tanto en espanol, pero solo sabe que ustedes son la mas gran familia aun puedo pedir para!
A vezes yo no hago sentido porque trato a tranducir de ingles a espanol. Pero cosas estan mejorando, y estoy lleno con las cosas que nuestro padre celstial quiere para mi.
He visto muchas bendiciones en mi mision a este tiempo en mi vida. Yo se que todo sera bien, solo perseverar hasta el fin!

Google translate:
take care a lot! I love them very much!

I can not write much in Spanish, but just know that you are the big family even more I can ask for!
A vezes I do not make sense because tranducir treatment of English to Spanish. But things are improving, and I am filled with the things that our father celstial wants for me.
I have seen many blessings in my mission at this time in my life. I know everything will be fine, just persevere to the end!
PS after conference we have to wear suits everyday... I hate it!!!!!!!!!!

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