"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Monday, October 28, 2013

September 23, 2013

Well, Im glad you think of me.

This week has been super long and slow, we are working on finding and teaching. We are teaching quite a bit and finding some too! We are doing fairly well with all things considered.     But yeah I'm hoping we are helping and that this kid I'm training is doing good. It's super tough... SUPER! but get this, everyone who had been waiting in the mission for a long time for their visas... all of them came in. Now I'm like the oldest visa waiter in the mission. So next up is me, and the visas have been going through faster now. They have people in the MTC going straight to Argentina now... so who knows I'm excited.
We went to the temple today and so we don't have much time. We are doing emails in the church library though.. It's pretty cool! Tell Alex good luck! and everyone else about to leave! Buenos Suerte (good luck)

They are changing our carpet in our apartment on like 4 different days so we sleep all over the house.
It's dumb
We are going to play soccer today too. It's one of the few things that brings me joy these days. haha

Exchanges will be good for you! Just as long as you don't take over the lessons of the missionaries :) haha That's one of the most frustrating things we deal with, members teaching something totally different and just taking over. Also help them!!! with the things they ask and actually do it if you say you will.    
  (MItch's dad got called to be a ward missionary)

Our ward doesn't help alot. I guess there where 350 active members before  and now there are 220. We had a ward meeting yesterday  I was really upset yesterday! I am learnig that a lot more could happen in the world if people understood AND fullfilled their purpose with mission work.

But I know you are one of the best so you got this!!!!

Love you lots, I'm super homesick.

Elder Woods

Also if your talking about my mission father being in there.. yes I know. I have a signed copy. and also my mission mom (the oldest sister in my first district) she is in there too :) and her picture is also signed. I come from a strong line :)
(Elder Verges's picture is in the May 2013 conference issue of the Ensign - pg 45)

haha I love you mom. keep up the reading, that's how you will recieve your own personal revelation.



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