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Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 5, 2013

Yo! Mom!

So this week has been super weird and the days we can email are like... well I don't know anymore. Next week should be back to normal and It should be on monday, we were going to do P-Day on Tuesday but it got switched. AGAIN. Like what the heck, last night was really hard I felt really homesick, especially when we had to go home when the fireworks were just starting. I thought about what you guys where doing and how we would be together. It was sad. Yesterday was a full day P-Day which never happens, usually we have appointments starting at 6. So yesterday we just played soccer... like all day. There is this GIANT indoor trampoline place which is awesome but it also has this full size indoor soccer field. So we played forever, I am getting pretty good. I would make marah proud I think haha.

(This pic was from the MTC. Mitch says: The one where I'm red is from Soccer, believe it or not, I am actually pretty good at I think it's called "forward". I made the first goal. We won by one point 2-1. We play all the asia zone, it's like spanish vs asia it's crazy!)

Our new President and his wife are called the Hansens. I think that's how you spell it. He's really old and she is kind of intense, but it will work out. I really wish I got to know the Winns better though. So many presidents in my future ha.

(The new mission president, I only had the winns for like a week... I found out I will have four mission presidents throughout my mission.)

Also before I forget, I did see Elder Harris my first day here. (Note from mom: Levi Harris is from Farmington, New Mexico too!) It was during transfers when all the missionaries get together, and he came up to me and was like HEY! I forgot he was here it like freaked me out, but yeah they split this mission up, and now he is in wyoming or somewhere more east. Small world though, Layton is awesome. It is nothing like I thought it would be though, I thought I would be dealing with the annoying "Utah Mormons" who are a little clueless, but it's just awesome loving hispanics, everywhere! The culture is so layed back, it's really fitting for me. I love it. I have decided that I will finish the book of mormon in spanish when I finish it in english, I've been reading them both and I feel confident that when I'm done, the language will be where I want it to be. I see miracles everyday!

Also finally I have a little time, I have to tell you a story. So this family called the Garcia family who feed us all the time, they asked us to watch their dog Kandy, while they went on a quick vacation. So we were like fine that will be okay, we were getting the key the day before they left and making jokes like. "when you get back there will be flyers saying, missing dog goes by the name of kandy" haha it was funny at the time, the second day July 3rd we come to the house and she broke out of the room the Garcias told us she would never break out of, took a giant caca on the floor and we had to clean it up. Anyway we let her out and took her outside and went and did all of our teaching appointments. We came back that night and Elder Verges goes outside and starts playing with us screaming "oh no where's the dog" haha he's always joking so we where laughing then he goes out and starts looking around and comes back screaming, "OH NO WHERE IS THE DOG!!!" We go out and there is a giant whole dug under the fence, like what the freak! So we spent that night looking for this Dog, and finally after kneeling down and praying that we didn't kill this family's pet, we found a family blocks away walking all over with this dog, It was kandy, that stupid dog. So It all worked out but the garcias are going to have some funny voicemails when they get back haha. Also today we opened the house door, and she broke out again, I think the Garcias lied about this dogs obedience level.

Anyway, love you guys!


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