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Monday, July 1, 2013

May 20. 2013

May 20, 2013
Hola mama, so I have like no time! The first week was super tough and stressful but now that I'm situated I feel like I kind of run this place haha I am just super swamped with classes like 10 hours of classes, most of them are language and this language is sooo frustrating! I just keep telling myself that it could be worse and I could be learning like korean or russian!

 I love the work, we go to the temple every monday and it is awesome!
I honestly think if I ever die it needs to be on the mission, because I have never felt better!

 Me and my comp get along super well so that's nice I just never sleep, EVER and I want to sometimes snap due to the fact I can never get away from anyone, I shower with people I go to the bathroom with someone waiting outside my door, I am NEVER alone. It is cool at the same time though!

 This last tuesday we had a devotional and Russel M. Nelson came and spoke, I could have touched him if I wanted hahah he actually shook hands with the MTC president and the MTC president shook my hand after... I'm never washing my hand lol

Also look up the MTC talk by Elder Bednar, it's called "Character of Christ" It's like an hour and a half. Get it, watch it, change your life. I love the mission and I'm not even there yet, that and I know wherever I go I will be helping people which there is no feeling like it! I miss the world like no ones business but, I'm practically latin already and filled with happiness!  Let people know I love letters!   I miss you guys so much!

Hasta luego! (that means see you later, adios is like depressing) :)

Elder Woods

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