"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Monday, July 1, 2013

May 27,2013

 There is nothing that makes me happier then recieving packages and mail, Honey Farley somehow found out how to send donuts from Krispy Kreme, so if you ever see her hug her for me, she may have saved my life! I'm like dying here in the MTC it is so close to prison it's not funny, except people in prison get to sleep, work out and watch tv more then I do. Those lucky criminals, hahaha.
 My spanish is ridiculous, it's come a far way since three weeks ago, but I will still die when I get thrown into it all.
 I need to step it up.
I've been super frustrated lately, my comp and I went to the doctor because "his throat hurt" he got diagnosed with mahno or whatever dad had in school, and now he sleeps all day. ALL HE DOES IS SLEEP! I'm not a patient man and he is testing me! Prayer is all I have, it is soo hard Help me! I love you guys and miss you, It's hard having to be in class all day when the weather here is glorious! It kills me inside! I want to go camping, I want to play sports, golf. It's like torture!!! I hope all you guys are good! Send letters, they are so fun, plus more personal! Since it's memorial day the Temple is closed so we have tons of time! Which for me means sitting in the room while this kid sleeps. Tell everyone that the stories will come when I get in the field all I have now is lots and lots of boring sitting time, and eating.
 Every Sunday and Tuesday night we have devotionals where members of the 70 come and talk, it's always super incredible! I love them! We also watched the funeral for Sister Monson. It was interesting!
Also about Argentina and the Visa, Argentina sends consolates here like every month and you have to have interviews with them. I missed them by one day, they came May 7th. UGH so I will meet with them probably next week, I will get sent somewhere else, it's really no question. So I'm excited, I'll have two missions. Someone is the US needs me, so I will go where I'm needed haha :)

I love you guys mucho, Le ama ellos

Elder Woods.

Ps. Next time you send me something can you send me pictures of everyone so I have a way to have you guys with me

Love you guys! ALL YOU!!!!

Note from mom: I am glad Mitch sent this Picture! It means he found the laundry room. Does my heart good! This must be the eternal laundry room. The washers/dryers go on forever!

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