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Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 1, 2013


What the devil! You can't edit my posts, the people need to know how I feel! They need to see how I'm doing. If you just edit the good things people will think that everything is lollipops and daisies. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! I hate missionaries that are fake like that, that live one way but only pretend that they are perfect! My companion in the mtc knew how I felt because I am fairly open! But thanks for keeping up the blog, you can do it haha!

(Note from mom: Mitch's father, sister, and I are more private than he is. I don't think some of our family business needs to be on the world wide mission blog. Not to mention it would bore most people to tears, so I choose to edit. I promise to leave in anything mission related!)

So this week has been pretty tough and actually today isn't a "p-day" because it got changed to this thursday for the cuatro de julio, so yaaay I get to email twice.. I think. We have had a full schedule with a million appointments but everyone is either not home or they cancel on us. UGH, I hate when that happens, not to mention it's super hot outside and I'm like fighting my stomach from this 24/7 beans and rice diet. That and tortillas, these families LOVE FOOD and cooking and they want you to eat till your dead! It's crazy.. they also eat the same thing. All day everyday! I love the mission though, and It is treating me well. I am super frustrated with the language though, we have so many people that speak all spanish and very little english, so they are like me reversed and it makes for some ridiculous conversations!!! I love to talk with people and understand them, I have never felt so like out of the loop. When we are in lessons, and I get lost and don't know what we are talking about, I feel like I have been kicked out of a game or am eating alone in a cafeteria. It's so awful, I had one night where I was kind of cursing the heavens like "WHY SPANISH, I AM SOOO WHITE!!!" I hope this is how everyone feels at first and I'm not being a weenie.

  Yesterday we had a guy (who's a little crazy) come to church, he is one of our investigators we found, so it was awesome to see him there. We also have a baptism this week, for an inactive family we met and re activated. They have a son who's almost 9 and they want him to be baptized so yayayay. We also gave one of our recent converts the priesthood yesterday! It was so awesome because I thought he hated me because I don't speak spanish and so I could never really convey my feelings with him, and in church he came to me and was like yelling Suiga me, which means follow me!  and so I started and realized he didn't want to get it with out me standing in. It made me SO happy!!!

But yeah things are pretty tedious and just small things happen that I remember, like last night, we have this roommate who is super apostate and I don't know how he is with his investigators, but I do not feel the spirit with him. I like him, he's a funny guy, but dang. Last night me and my companeros scared him in his bed. We may have made him a little mad seeing that he straight busted out like 25 "eff" bombs I was like, chill out dude! He then turned off the hot water on us today, but the jokes on him. Cold showers are more healthy haha. No that sounds bad but It's part of living with like 5 young men. I will try and think of what else... Not much I can think of, but if I do I will let you know. 

 (a picture of "happy Jesus" that our crazy room mate hung up, he had seriously like 20 hung up in the house, we allowed him to keep one, so he framed it. haha that kid.)

Actually one more thing, we had to do a bunch of service and one of the things we did was have to like straight fix this investigator's roof (the one that came on Sunday). Oh how great our faith was because we had no idea what we where doing, but he really wanted us to. So we had a hammer, nails, and wood and we just fixed it up the best we could. There was a point where I hammered and like a million bugs came out of the roof. It was crazy!  I was on a ladder so I had to just take the army of insects or fall. haha But tell dad thanks for teaching me how to work! Because let me tell you I was straight making hay! It was awesome! 

Love you guys! Mucho Amor! 
~Elder Mitch Woods~

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