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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June 7, 2013

Things here have been pretty busy! I've been on my A game with Spanish lately. I have the First Vision down in Spanish! I hate it and I love it! It's a super frustrating process. We are supposed to learn 4 years worth of spanish before we leave! Which I believe I have learned more here than in my 2 years of school. I eat all the time and then just sit in class! Three days in the outside world is the equivalant of one here!

 Also, this may sound bad because I'm a missionary now, but I'll be honest, there are so many sisters here (It like almost outnumbers the men) and its crazy, they are such a distraction! 1) because some are extremely beautiful and 2) they are women and 80% of them are drawn to being very emotional and ... crazy.  (Note from mom: He only has sisters. He should be used to this. Right?) Estoy aggradecido que tengo un companero y no companera! ( I'm thankful that I have a male companion instead of a female) jaja (that's ha ha the J's make h noises)

 So email me let me know how things are going. How is life? Everything good? Hi Hailey! Thanks for the dear elder! Those are nice! I can't remember what it said because no one gives me any time here!

 One time we were in a "study time" and this guy I have never seen before comes in. I'm eating some candy, I believe it was a little pixie stick. He comes in being all sketchy and is like "Oh is it snack time" in this condescending voice then he goes straight bipolar "THIS IS THE LORD"S TIME! HOW DO YOU THINK THAT MAKES HIM FEEL?" I sat there trying not to laugh because it was ridiculous. I then answered "hace triste" which means it makes him sad! Then he was like Why is that? Then one kid said "because we didn't bless it?" and another was like "because we didn't offer some to Him?" I lost it laughing! Then the guy lost it and told us to quit talking about movies, except none of us were! The sad thing was we were studying jaja and now if someone gets off topic we say "quit talking about movies". Everyone wants to tell you what you are doing wrong! I've adjusted to it though maybe it will help when I get a bad boss!

Also I forgot to tell you I talked with the travel office the other day and I find out my reassignment today. They told me it might be close to Salt Lake because I have to meet with the Argentina Consolate and after that it won't take long to get into the Country of my people! Pray for that please!

I'll leave you guys with one last story. So this Wednesday (miercoles) I was asked to help "host" or greet the new arrivals and help them get situated! It was crazy, this Wednesday was a record amount of 940 plus missionaries! It was funny and sad to see the other prospective moms crying everywhere, some dads too, and these kids all thinking the same thing as me. (HOLY CRAP THIS IS FAST. HOW DID I GET MYSELF HERE?) jaja It's real cool on Wednesday you get to hear all these different languages say welcome. For example we say bienvendio al CCM or Welcome to the MTC! People say you either love it or hate it here, and the first three weeks were probably filled with more hate. Now I love it and can't wait to just get out!
Oh yeah, guess what? I miss the devotional in which Thomas S Monson and the 12 apostles are coming... BY ONE DAY! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! jaja everything happens for a reason!

Also tell Marah I say hi, if she even remembers she has a brother!

Love you guys!

Elder Mitchell Woods!  

PS I didn't find out where I was going... I find out next Thursday. I'll probably be in one of the Salt Lake missions so I'm close to the consolate.. or I'll just stay in the MTC. yay. Also tell Hailey I got the package and it was more glorious than I can describe! Miss you all!

PPS Do I need your prayers? Your love? Your letters and your packages?
 Let me answer that with scripture: Alma 18:27

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