"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hows it going, yeah i'm not dead! hahah The SLC thing is pretty funny and kind of not, but the thing I know is that I will meet someone and when I do I will let you know! I remember I was praying super hard for my re assignment and I got this overwhelming feeling that It would be in Utah, so for like the next 5 days I prayed that I would go anywhere but Utah, and soo I got sent to the capitol hahah there is a scripture in 3 nephi somewhere that talks about asking for things that are against Gods will and that It will always be his will, that is if we live rightously. So I feel humbled but then again I heard that the missionaries in SLC are treated like kings! I will gain some weight for sure! Things here are pretty boring and slow. I dropped my companion off this morning so he can go to Chile! Lucky kid! I had to go to the front desk and it was so far away and my zone was at the Temple, so I had to run to the office, it was terrifying like I can already feel myself being more awkward like I was scared of the girls and felt soooo uncomfortable without a companion like it made me sick! I wish I was better at explaining everything! Things here are not the same as the outside world!!!! I can't wait to tell you stories. The Sundays here are not that great, they don't feel like a sunday, they just feel like more classes. So I heard this organ playing and I cannot wait to be at a chapel welcoming people and being with the people!!! SO EXCITED! I just hope the missionaries like me, the missionaries in Farmington said they hated visa waiters because they "get in the way" so now I'm like freak these guys are going to hate me! UGH. Oh well I will go and do!
Thanks for the package I showed the family off to everyone! and thanks! I love you all a ton, I enjoyed marahs letter made me laugh!
I hope you guys tried to find the talk "character of christ" work hard on it, it is awesome!

Mucho amor!

~Elder Woods~

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