"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 30, 2014

     Hahaha Life is funny, its the little things that people remember. We always as missionaries are worried of what the people see us do, the level of responsibility is much higher, because its true the smallest thing can influence someone for the good or bad.
     Today I have literally like 10 minutes because we have to catch a train for a zone meeting thing! Its crazy here we got a new president Saturday night and we are getting ready to meet him and well things are a little hectic with time and everything! This weekend was a good one we found some new familias to teach and we had two baptisms! They were really special, Its really cold here and we put the hot water in which is really just like room temperature and well... IT got really cold and it was like baptizing in a river... It was interesting, but no one got sick so that was great! :) One of the kids me and Elder Escobar found was baptized. His name is Franco. He is great, we've grown super close. He's really funny, but the thing that was incredible to me, what I want to talk about today was he asked me to baptize him and then give him the confirmation (holy ghost) So that was my first time giving it to anyone and well it was a Sunday when we had the branch conference and everyone was there... I remember how this young man was before and how he was after. He changed and at first I thought it was my imagination but I really could see and even better FEEL the difference. What a blessing it is to have the Holy Ghost to guide us, to give us council and sometimes carry us through our personal falls and hard times. We had a lesson that Sunday after and he already wanted to bring his friends to church, he told me that he never wants to quit going. Now keep in mind that no one in his family is a member and actually they don't support going to church. His older brother whom I also have taught was telling me how he wouldn't be going to church because this next week is the birthday of his Dad then he said and Franco probably wont go either, and Franco looked at him and then at me and stood up and said, NO I am going to go.... When the path is dark and the way to the lord is a thin wire we need that Spirit to hold us firm. Wow I saw a miracle and many, many others in the midst of my struggles with my companion. The Lord continues to bless us.
     It is super cold here.... like super cold and wet and well I'm like swimming in freezing water all day every day.... Christmas in July haha
     But we had more things that I just cant fit in, I'm learning how to just live without time. I want you guys to know that I love you and am grateful that I was born into our home! Dad .. maybe a letter :) and well hmmm, mom I sometimes miss your cooking.... sometimes. hahahaha
     As for the story of Kody... Its best not to listen to gossip. I'm sure I was driving very well, and If I was talking to someone it was because they needed help. Or a Scripture reference! 
I love you all!!!!!!   
Elder M. Scott Woods......


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