"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Friday, August 1, 2014

May 5, 2014

       This week we don't have a lot of time. I'm going to call around 3 or 4 your time... maybe 5 we dont know we havent really organized anything and dont know when we will be able to. But just have your phone in that time :) 
      and well.... I don't know, things just appear a little dark, but... with the dark comes the light, so its just a matter of patience and maybe humility because we cannot achieve anything with pride. I'm learning here how to live and work with others. But really, with my companion I dont know if its just something wrong with his way of thinking or what, we have learned that pride cannot accomplish anything. When both are humble the things will move even if all the other signs point that they won't. We have a family that we found that are sooo wonderful, we have taught them and they have been humble and received everything. Today (after teaching about the law of chastity) The girl Natalia is going to get the paper work started to get married. We went with them to a baptism this weekend and they told me that they are excited for their day! Also we are going to the temple with them as a branch and I just know that they will have a life changing experience... I am a champ at teaching the importance of the family. I'm marrying more than I'm baptizing haha Also we had another man that we have been teaching go to the church for the first time in 10 years. I have been super bold with him and well wow, how humble he is and his faith to follow Christ is incredible. I am truly thankful for what the Lord is allowing me to do. It is incredible. I know that if we are built upon a rock that any storm and hard time can come but we will not fall, this rock can only be Christ. This means His teachings and utilizing his atonement through true repentance. I am excited for this next week to hear your voices. I still haven't emailed Bishop or Bro Larsen, Voy a hacerlo. (im going to do it) 
     I'm grateful for you Mom that you helped raise me right and have been the example for me as far as obedience and patience! Happy Dia de Madre :) I will tell you that in person aha
      Also we contacted this one house and a crazy guy came out and started attacking us with a giant metal bar... without thinking I told him we had something for him and that if he didn't change he would not have eternal life. I then told him to repent. My comp had left me, he left running, and after  he was like are you crazy, and really I dont know. I felt like a prophet, because.... I know I'm okay. The Lord is with me, and nothing is more important then these people's salvation. Haha Its weird looking back I would never see myself just standing up to a crazy Argentine with a rebar and just telling him eternal truths.. haha I love the mission! All is well here dont worry, we are walking with angels! :) 
                                                                          love Mitch

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