"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 16, 2014


 I love the Quotes mom, they made me laugh and feel good. I don't have a lot of time this week, I had to talk with the president for awhile. This week was tough for me. After having such a great week with Elder Sturgell I felt like I fell really hard to be back with my companion. I told him I want to get going to do everything this week and that he needed to work if he wanted to have success this week. He did very little and this week we accomplished very little... I have been super frustrated, this week we are having transfers and I hope that I leave. This area has been so hard for me. We have people ready to get baptized this month. We have found 3 people who are going to get baptized here in the near future and it is a great feeling having them, but I don't know. This area hasn't felt like my last. If you guys remember Fernada from my area of Villegas, I just heard that they have had 10 baptisms there all that came from her, I heard that today and I cried. I felt so grateful to have met her and now I can see how the Lord works. 11 baptisms just from meeting someone in the street. How great is the Lord?! Here I am trying to have sacred experiences equal to that one. I am just having a hard time focusing on them and not thinking about this companionship.
     This week was tough also, The world cup started and every time Argentina plays we have to be in the pension for like 5 hours... Argentines are crazy about there soccer. Last night they won, and I think people were firing guns outside of our apartment. Oh Argentina... I had to explain like 5 times why God is more important then soccer. But yeah I'm super happy that the family is doing good! It makes me truly joyful. 
      Its weird to think that I'm now counting down from my mission, time is going by WAY to fast... but just know I love you! I am thankful for the familia that God has given me! I just hope that I can now continue gaining his confidence to help other families have what we have. Also I have lost like 20 pounds.... pray for my body, my mind is willing but I think the body is starting to struggle. I had a dream that I went home for health... and I have never woke up so frustrated in my life. We are going to try and visit a doctor and see what's up. But just pray for that. Thats all I need this week. Les Amo a todo de Ustedes!
                                                                              Love Elder Woods


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