"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Friday, August 1, 2014

May 26, 2014

      I have got home on my mind more then ever before.I have never had a hard time with being focused with the work, but we had transfers and my other companion left, and it was a bit of a relief. But now I received a new companion from Peru, that might just be a little worse. He is the messiest, unorganized, 24/7 talking companion, who has no idea what he's doing but corrects everything I do..... He also touches me.... like always poking me. I have never been so close to going bruce lee on one of my companions like I am now. Its a whole new world. I jumped out of the pot into the fire... haha but its fine
     We had some good things happen here as far as the area is going.This week was fairly good because we were getting a little more confidence with the members and getting more familiar with the area, because still I am a little lost. We have met with some of the people with baptismal dates that we had and are ´cleaning´up a little and looking for people that the Lord has prepared. The family that went to the temple with us, didn't go to the church, because the husband who still hasn't attended the church heard things at work from friends and doesn't want to hear anything more. The wife is so faithful that she doesn't want to make a decision with out him even though she has been one of the most ready people I have met. Her and her sister in law love the church but refuse to go with out the family and the husband is just.... UGH I have never been so sad as to see such great people held back by one. But if we cant find a way to reach the husband we will have to drop the family and go less just praying that this seed eventually grows... We have another investigator called Marciano, he is from Paraguay and went to church for the second time. He is a great guy and I truly believe he is going to be baptized. He is preparing for his baptism on the 21 and is reading everything and loves the church. He is a great guy, me and elder Escobar found him one day when we were lost and I realized he was from Paraguay. I was practicing some guarani (a language in paraguay that I learned a little bit of in my last area) with him and well, turned out he was really prepared. Miracle. We have another family that we found recently that have met with missionaries before. The dad is great and knows he needs to change but just lacks the commitment to the Lord. Of the 4 of their family that can be baptized only the 14 year old son attended the church. Also we have a family here that consists of one member and his wife who isn't married. They called us this week on Thursday and are trying to sack a turno to be married. We are going to plan for her to be baptized just after her wedding :)seeing that she already has like 100 attendances in the church!
     So things are good, but super tough too. It is getting SUPER cold here and I think I need to buy some new things, like shoes haha the time has come, maybe some boots. It rains a lot in winter here.... isn't that awesome. Who would have thought that it would rain more in the winter time... Not me. But whatever SATANAS (satan) WILL NOT WIN! but yeah It is posing some new obstacles.
      Have I told you about my new companion? jaja his name is Elder Paredes, a little more about him is he complains about everything. Before the mission his hobbies were internet... and tv... and video games. So he doesn't like the cold, or the heat... or the sun light. haha
We did service this week where we had to take out two trees with shovels, weed a path the length of a football field and then put in a path of rocks so that an old couple could pass this road of pure mud... Luckily it was only my comp and me who where there to do it.. but 10 minutes after beginning he was cutting weeds with a machete and literally swung it, let go of it and it hit him in the shin. It didn't cut him too much, but then he started to complain about a blister on his finger... so he went and sat down for 2 and a half hours while I dug up two trees and finished weeding and using a wheel barrel to place the stepping stones..... DAD YOU WOULD BE DANG PROUD! I left with a raw hand and muscles more dead then ever.... and after it all, My comp left with me and told me about how much he loved doing service. If I could have lifted my arm I would have struck him down to the earth. hahaha

     Mission stories... its almost funny when I look back on it. But yeah things have been pretty good, we are still preparing for the new president. I hope he loves me more then the one we have now, and that he takes away the rule that we cant drink coca cola.... I'm dying for some Pepsi haha
     Our area is super tranquil like nothing happens here, I miss the ghetto a little. But because the president is leaving we are going to have transfers again in 4 weeks so, I kind of want to go somewhere else. But its not what I want I guess, maybe Ill never be the great missionary I wanted to be, but I will know I am doing the Lords Work.
      Happy memorial day by the way, its great to think of the great people in our lives that have helped us and then taken the next step to eternal bliss. Like Jesus. Granpa, Grandy. People that have helped us and taught us many things. I'm happy that I have had you all as examples and that your still living ;) haha So thanks for both, keep it up.

I don't have much more time, Just know that I love you all With todo mi corazon. 
Let me know if there is anything I can do for you while I'm here in the bottom of da world! 
                                                          Elder Mitch Woods


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