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Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 9, 2014

SO Hey family,
     I have a ton on my mind but dang I cant express it all!!!! This week has been crazy but awesome I have been so tired and so dang happy! This week the president who is about to go home... in like a week sent his assistant, like the missionary that he trusts most to stay with me and my companion for a week. This missionary se llama... is called? ugh I cant remember how to work english ahhh but his name is Elder Sturgell from Colorado. He came and I thought wow... maybe I'm the worst missionary in all the mission that the president would send his beloved here to just fix me. Also this missionary is going home this Friday, so I thought why is the last thing that president could do with this dying missionary be go with Elder Woods and his companion Elder Paredes... I was really stressed to perform bien. But it was like a breath of fresh air, these last two transfers with people a little {special} to have someone that wanted to work hard and someone with whom I could talk to. I have learned so much and grown just within a week. This Elder is so Christlike I have grown to love him! This week we worked hard and we did service AND IT WAS GREAT haha I have learned more how to love and well really how to just purify myself from the worldly things! I had my eye single to the Glory of God and we saw miracles! Its sad to see him so close to the end and how sad he is to leave this country, I truly see now that Argentina is my home, and that I don't want to go back. I can not explain how it is to struggle so much and have love for people like I have had here, to walk in a street and see a family and take a fathers hand while looking him in the eyes to tell him that his family can be happier. To see people make life changes that ultimately change EVERYTHING! This week has been very sacred to me. I Love my mission with all my heart. I am frustrated often but we always joke to make a perfect diamond you need lots of pressure. I was reading in Ether 6, about the family of Jared and how they took a boat across the ocean... That chapter explains why bad things happen. There is one verse that says God did make the winds blow and the storm came in, so that it could push this family to the promised land. I will ride these storms, and I will thank My heavenly father for them, because everyday I get closer to my promised land. I invite you to look at the storms and think how is this helping me come closer to God and Jesus Christ, and how you are being brought closer to perfection. 
     I started thinking I have 13 months, my friends are all getting back home now. I have no time to waste, we started contacting FAMILYS! And one day I found 5 families that are married and interested. I Desire to baptize  families. Here in this mission the majority are young kids, and while they need it too, I cannot focus myself in anything less than a family. What I learned though that has made all the difference is just like a pair of shoes, if you want to buy them, you have to pay the price. If you desire a family you must pay the price even if it means failing, rejection. I am trying to give EVERYTHING to the Lord, and maybe It will find those that truly need my help, and not just mine but that of God. 
     We found some good families this week, we will see if they progress, I pray that they do. But like always I think of my own family and all I have to say is give everything to the Lord and you will be okay, you will ride the storm and you will arrive in a promised land of pure joy. Build on Christ, and you will not fall.
I love you con todo mi corazón, espero que me crean :) 
Con amor, Elder Woods

PS WE found a petting Zoo.... jajaja


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