"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 23, 2014


 Well I have decided that I have been a little negative lately and well, when we are negative we aren't showing a lot of hope for the good things,and well the faith comes from hope for the good things in this world. So I will not lack faith any more!!! Things here are good, I am working and keeping diligent, in this dang COLD. Its literally like Christmas in July... but yeah I am with my companion still for at least 8 more weeks. So I am super excited to work and learn even more. I feel like we will see miracles here. We are going to have 2 baptisms this next week! and we have planned two more for July! So the Lord has been blessing us! I have learned that things are always hard, but they are harder when your attitude is negative. BECAUSE there is so much good we just have to look for it and hold on to it, you can not serve two masters, you can not be happy and sad at the same time... You must decide which you will be.
     But yeah I took some pills for cleaning out parasites... I feel better and I think I've gained a little weight. I have been trying to eat more but we are poor and we spend a lot of money on transportation. That's just one of the blessings of the mission. I am learning how to work when I'm hungry and tired. Just keep swimming. haha
     Also yeah we always have to be in the apartment when Argentina plays but we know who's winning because people shoot their guns and scream everytime they score... and honestly I love soccer now! The states have won one and played last night but I haven't asked anyone yet who won. So Its fun. The culture here during the world cup is unreal haha so much passion.
     But yeah I'm doing good, I know you guys are doing good too! Just keep close to the Lord and be obedient to him. The Lord will provide a way. It might be a way completely different to what you think, but you will be okay! The Lord will give you storms to push you to the promised land. I love you all With everything! Just remember it starts with hope! Then comes the faith and then the miracles. Hope will be the anchor from which you will be able to endure storms when they feel out of control.
I love you.

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