"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hey Family,

     I don't have much time today. Here things are cold and wet and nothing dries! Our apartment has clothes hanging in every spot possible, its loco, but for real.
     I am with my comp.... still. Seems like its been a year but I think like 2 weeks now, fua que duro ha estado estas semanas. But its all good, would you believe that ¨We¨ did more service this week, I have shoveled land like... never before, we put in some foundation for a bolivian family and well alot of dirt was needed. My hands.... my Body, I don't know if it will endure. Then we had a talk about how he has done more service with me then any other comp he has had.... what luck, haha but its all good, maybe he is learning a lot from it, who knows I don't understand him, but yeah, I had a long time of thought wondering what I could do to make our companionship better. I thought why have like the majority of my comps here been so hard... I wondered its probably me and I have to change something I'm doing, and well that's always true, but I really think this mission since the beginning has been teaching me patience and endurance. So who knows, the Lord uses those in the places they are needed, so I will do it and try and be happy haha
     We had a lot of people go to church this week that was great, I really felt the spirit in church. I thought of the family and when we went and about Sundays- the food, the movies and well just being with the family. Not home sick but just thankful for the family I have. It was a good day.
     Also I have been doing things different, and I can see more strength in my teaching. You all know I love to tell stories, right. I was reading one day thinking Fua I want to be like Jesus, like I want to teach like he did, and how did he teach... with parables. I thought wow he just told stories in a way that they could learn and think for themselves and then we asked questions... so I am telling stories and I have seen changes using talents and wow, we see miracles! I know I'm here for a reason so that is nice to know haha. We had to leave a family this week because they can't progress without the Dad, and the Dad is well, in a state of pride that will take time to cure. That day I remember crying in the middle of the dirt street thinking why am I here who am I helping, but I know the family knows more now and I have learned from them, and I guess its always a little reminder of the atonement of Christ and what he felt. Its hard to have so much love for someone and see what they don't. I am happy but dang my companion is asking for a hand sandwich haha jk kind of.... no I'm kidding don't worry.
     And lets see,,, oh yeah Marah actually is getting good with her spanish... but for real. Dad HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you .Also tell Grandma Happy birthday... my comp is yelling at me... I love you 
                                                                      ELDER WOODS!!!

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