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Sunday, January 11, 2015

November 10, 2014


Send them... send them to meeeee!!!!

     So the summer is here and my shirts are turning more yellow and I'm remembering how much skin cancer is in my near future! Seriously, the humidity here during the summer is like... its like... swimming, in your sweat, the sweat of other people and the dirty sweat of the earth. We entered a house that had this little bity air conditioner... and I like almost died of relief. It was glorious, just another blessing that really we take for granted. pero bueno asi es. 
     This week has been fun I continue in the same position here in Gonzáles Catán  but now the only difference is that I have a SON!!!!!!! I'm an argentine father!!! His name is Elder Rawlins he's from Virginia. He's a nice elder and well I've been working him like a DAWG haha it reminds me of when I got here. He's just super tired and well luckily he's patient, but I'm happy. New elders always bring a special spirit ready to work and ready to make miracles happen. So that has been cool to see.
     As far as furniture... hahahahaha que me importa, I have lived without furniture for like ever, I was given a little chair that is torn and beat to death and its been the most furniture besides a mattress I have seen... people here use fold up chairs and like boxes to sit on. So Maybe I will appreciate it more when I get home.
    That's to bad that marah and FHS couldn't go home with the cup, but just gotta practice harder, next year! By then I will teach here how to play like an argentine champion jaja,

 As for my birthday... the members fed me cake... and more cake... and more cake... the night I threw up everything... but it was just as good the second time. :)
     It was sad that elder Smith was leaving and he was really nervous to go, he ended up being put with an intense Columbian,, so he is a little bit anxious to see how it all works out. 
     As for my everything else, we ate ice cream and contacted houses looking for people to baptize and bring into the Light. It was good... I feel the same. I think I'm actually more little too so I don't feel any form or sense of growth jaja
     Here is something I have seen, and after hearing from others who have experienced similar things... missions in the states.... like they are GREAT, but the amount of growth I have had as a man and a worker and everything, endurance and well just every phase of emotion I have learned it here. In the states you learn doctrine and maybe... how to be professional. Outside of the states you just see and.. bueno I cant explain it, but IT IS NOT THE SAME. haha
     Today we are going to keep getting elder Rawlins ready for everything but wow we have a few family's with whom we are working and wow, its just incredible the changes in people, pray for us and that we will be able to find people, that's what we are doing now... but let me just say the Lord has not closed the heavens. He loves us and is showering his blessings on those that want to follow him, and are obeying his requests. The miracles and blessings of these restored doctrines are indescribable and endless. I know the Church is true, I know it at 21 years and I will know it when I am in the presence of the Lord doing the same thing we are doing here. Also I have been talking with the Presidente and I'm pretty sure if he lets me I'm going to extend my mission. but we will see what happens.
     I love you all. Look for me a spanish wife in Texas jaja jk give Hailey a hug and tell me how her baby Mitchellcita is doing :)
Much love from the bottom of the world!
Elder Woods


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