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Sunday, January 11, 2015

October 13, 2014

Wow that picture of Marah.... kind of weird looking... I don't like it. She doesn't need to date. haha
    So this week we have a bit of time to write so I will see what I can put down... As for mission work its been a little depressing we have had a lot of people's agency (ability to decide) destroying everything... really when you are teaching people to change their lives obviously you need to have patience, but honestly, its so frustrating sometimes... still haven't achieved perfect patience.. Because here in Argentina people will use any excuse, ANY excuse to not do something.. like fuaw I stubbed my toe, bueno God will understand why I didnt keep the commandment of going to church, I know he commanded it and that if I keep it I'm showing him that I love him and want the blessings... but he understands how bad my toe is.
    This really happens, like they are sooo close to understanding.. but they don't. So we keep teaching and teaching... sometimes I feel like my mission is teaching me more then these people... maybe that's what I needed, who knows. I remember for the longest time I felt sooo bad for not baptising people. I felt like I had failed the Lord and I think this week I realized that really the Lord is using us in ways that we dont see, maybe I won't baptise but I will plant seeds in the hearts of men, until it explodes out of their chest and throws them into the waters of baptism... thank you for keeping up with the blog! Now all my followers will know of me. haha
    It was weird today Brother Gladden wrote me... I thought he hated me... I feel bad for what I put that poor man through... I need to like bake him a cake when I get back home. haha I need to repent with many people, I am going to show more love when I return, and I won't even complain about your green bean caserole... I'll just wait till your not looking and put it in a napkin and store it in my pocket... like I have done so many times here in this great country. ;)
     Our area is full of drama, everyone is screaming and everyone is crying and everyone is kissing on the corners and subsequently everyone is about to have babies... the emotion here is like just a little tooo high. I enjoy my time alone in the shower... oh soo much. We are teaching a woman about the church and she like loves the church, wants to be baptised, and is reading the book of mormon... likes it. agrees with it. But believes that she just needs the bible. We talked FOREVER about how we need the Lords word continually and if he loves us we will continue to receive his guidance throughout all the years.   If people really believe in God you think they would rely a little less on there own understanding!!! I want to climb the wall and preach humility to these people like a prophet of old! 
     As for fotos... I have the camera.. its got fotos... but none of these computer places have drives for putting pin drives.... its ridiculous... So bueno we will see in the future how we handle this. There are many things in the world that you don't think of until you experience... 
    I will give you two examples... here in Argentina there really isn't sidewalks that conform with any regulation.... its really like hiking a flat mountain... of trash and rocks and whatever else there is. This week I have stubbed my toe... like cien veces(100 times) My toes hurt SO bad.
Secondly we use colectivos a lot, its a bus... and well this week I saw what happens when we are sitting next to a little girl who throws up around other women who have week stomachs and well lets just say.. domino effect. (Yo He VISTO UNAS COSAS) 
     I love the mission haha but dang I miss serving in the states!!!! Also I counted in our apartment... I counted 20 Giant spiders on our ceiling... I fed one a cockroach. IT was crazy. Now we are going to go play soccer with the kids of the ward I'm excited. I love what I am learning and I think the lord taught me this week the importance of HOPE I invite everyone to study what is hope and put it in your life, you will see how happy you are! 
I love you all, just remember if you love the problems and are thankful for what they teach us, you will love life! 

Todo mi amor y cariño! Les Mando todo a ustedes! Los Amo!!!

Elder Woods 
                                                       Giant bottles of pee on the street

Playing with the cucarachas...

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